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Meeting Someone New: Myth Busters

2 days ago

Many of us carry around with us an attitude that may hold us back from meeting someone new. Sometim...

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Where to meet singles offline in your 20s and 30s

4 days ago

A video dedicated to the singles who are taking a break from online dating apps and in favour of me...

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Matchmaker Reveals: Can A Relationship Built On Lies Last?

1 week ago

Can a relationship built on lies last? Before we reveal what a matchmaker thinks, consider this: Ni...

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Why A Public Proposal Is A Bad Idea

1 week ago

You may have seen it happen… Chances are if you’ve been to a fancy restaurant before, you’ve probab...

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Dating Advice for Planning A Date

2 weeks ago

Dating Advice Vlog UrbanSocial has teamed up with dating blogger Jordyn Wegner, who gives us her da...

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What NOT to Say On A First Date

2 weeks ago

First dates. We’ve all been there, whether it’s a blind date, set-up-by-your-friends date or a firs...

7 signs you’re dating a player

2 weeks ago

Life’s too short to waste dating a player. If you’re serious about meeting someone special, look ou...

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Third date: is it time to expect fireworks?

2 weeks ago

You’re beyond the trepidation of the first date and the chit-chat of the second. A third date is wh...

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Can A Relationship Built On Lies Last?

2 weeks ago

Nine's Married At First Sight participant Jessika Power starts out as Mick Gould's wife but somewhe...

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How to give yourself great advice: A review of Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle Cards

2 weeks ago

I’ve always believed that you create your own luck in love. It’s why I’m not onboard with fortune t...

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How to deal with insecurities in your relationship

2 weeks ago

Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship? We all have the moments where we second guess ourselves and...

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Do you really need the wedding everyone else has?

3 weeks ago

It’s not always something borrow something blue . Let us begin by first making it absolutely clear...

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Reasons To Not Settle When Dating

3 weeks ago

Settling – it’s something we all hope we will never do, particularly when it comes to making a deci...

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Top 5 Things Men Love to Hear on a First Date

3 weeks ago

Ladies, we know first dates can be nerve-wracking. If you make an instant connection, it can start...

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5 Things You Need To Do For Better Sex

3 weeks ago

Sexual health isn’t just about avoiding sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies. It’...

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How to Pull a Cracker – Our Favourite Icebreakers, Jokes, and Chat Up Lines for 2019

3 weeks ago

Within the first ten minutes of a first date, a man will have formed an opinion about a woman. Wome...

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5 Great Ideas for an Active First Date

3 weeks ago

The standard meet up for a drink or bite to eat is a tried and tested idea for a first date, but th...

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5 More Things Men Want to Hear on a First Date

3 weeks ago

The truth is, there’s no shortage of nice and interesting things you can say to a guy on a first da...

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How to Dress for a Blind Date

3 weeks ago

Image: Unsplash Let’s be honest – blind dates are stressful occasions. The assurance of attraction...

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Meeting Your New Partner’s Grown Up Kids

3 weeks ago

I’m of an age where it would be verging on unusual to meet a man who doesn’t have kids. I don’t hav...

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