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Radical climate action 'critical' to Great Barrier Reef's survival, government body says

1 week ago

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says global warming must be kept to 1.5 degrees - a thr...

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Watching the trawlers from the Pacific Hotel, I had a sinking feeling

1 week ago

It was a scene worth savouring, because it will pass.

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Animal activists invade abattoirs, stop traffic in nationwide wave of protests

2 weeks ago

Animal activists have caused brought peak-hour traffic to a standstill, invaded abattoirs and rescue...

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Labor yet to get advice on Paris 'accounting trick' it refuses to rule out

3 weeks ago

Pressure is mounting on Labor to rule out adapting a plan by the Morrison government that would effe...

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Australia's hottest summer beats previous record by 'large margin'

3 weeks ago

NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory all just had the hottest summer ever as a ne...

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Ask yourselves, fellow Homo underevolvus, what planet are we on?

3 weeks ago

Do you sort of half-believe our dear planet is terribly menaced, while, somehow, feeling able to go...

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'Weirdest-looking thing you've ever seen': massive sunfish washes up in US

3 weeks ago

A giant sunfish usually found in the waters of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa has washed up...

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'Not very happy': Tasman Sea warmth puts the heat on key fisheries

3 weeks ago

Back-to-back summer heatwaves in the Tasman Sea that have affected marine life and seafood industrie...

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Watch who draws the short straw in war on plastic

3 weeks ago

Plastic drinking straws have become a political wedge issue, with environmentalists and disability r...

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Teen activists back Steggall in 'logical next step' to climate strike

3 weeks ago

The young activists behind the school climate strike have endorsed independent candidate Zali Stegga...

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'Digging a hole': Shorten won't rule out use of Paris climate shortcut

3 weeks ago

Labor leader Bill Shorten says the Morrison government's plan to use carbon credits generated before...

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Surge in marine heatwaves is 'devastating' for Australian, global ecosystems, say experts

3 weeks ago

Marine heatwaves are having severe impacts on ecosystems around the world, with species in Australia...

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'Travesty': fourth fish kill looms as study finds phantom water savings

3 weeks ago

Residents at Menindee are bracing for a fourth mass fish kill in the Darling River in about three mo...

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Forget reality TV, species' survival at stake in this matchmaking show

3 weeks ago

A captive breeding program stands between Victoria's only endemic bird and extinction. But getting t...

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India has 15 of top 20 cities with world's worst air, report finds

3 weeks ago

South Asia is an especially toxic region for air quality, according to the report, which looked at d...

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'Elevated concentrations of methane' in Sydney Park

3 weeks ago

One of the largest recreational areas in Sydney has been declared to be "significantly contaminated...

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'Disappointing': Last-minute pipeline, land-clearing changes rile foes

3 weeks ago

The final Berejiklian government moves before entering caretaker mode included easing the way for a...

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Coal miner lodges plan to appeal against landmark NSW climate verdict

3 weeks ago

The developer of a controversial coal mine in NSW plans to appeal a landmark decision that blocked t...

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'We didn't deserve it': Retirees donate savings to climate fight

3 weeks ago

Like many of their generation and class, the Bellairs did well out the real estate market and tax ex...

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'Drives me insane': lack of information exposes Sydney's river users

3 weeks ago

Calls for Sydney's waterways to be treated the same as our beaches in terms of telling the public wh...

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