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Civil Disobedience Required: An Interview With Extinction Rebellion’s Miriam Robinson

2 hours ago

Hundreds of police officers from other forces were called in last week to back up London’s Metropol...

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Audio recording defibrillators in WA

6 hours ago

Today’s correspondent has: Another question about audio recording on cardiac monitors that might be...

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Iceland’s trade mark nothing but a puddle

6 hours ago

After a challenge by the Icelandic government, the global supermarket chain Iceland has had its Euro...

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Traffic matters – civil or criminal penalty?

8 hours ago

Following yesterday’s post – Spent convictions and paramedic registration (April 23, 2019) I was ask...

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Commit a Crime While on a Visa, and You’ll Face Deportation

8 hours ago

A South Australian man dubbed the ‘pig shed rapist’, who was found guilty of luring a backpacker to...

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Lest We Forget the Futility of Gallipoli

10 hours ago

Today, Australia collectively pauses to remember those who died in battle on foreign shores. It’s a...

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Landing those decisions

18 hours ago

And in the latest “it never fails” category… It never fails. Inevitably, The Legal Genealogist will...

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Inappropriate online comments: Professional misconduct.

1 day ago

Writing for Australian Doctor newspaper, Antony Scholefield has drawn attention to a conduct decisio...

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Liability established for tip fire

1 day ago

I have previously reported that the Greater Hume Shire Council was found to be not liable for a bush...

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Spent convictions and paramedic registration

1 day ago

Today’s correspondent is an applicant for paramedic registration who has a prior criminal conviction...

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Nurses, naloxone and emergencies

1 day ago

Today’s correspondent wonders if I … have broached the subject on Victorian nurses giving naloxone i...

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Ambulance as emergency vehicle in NSW

1 day ago

Today’s correspondent asks for my … interpretation on the NSW Road rules definition of an emergency...

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The Frontier Wars: The First Defence of Country

1 day ago

This Thursday, 25 April, marks the ninth anniversary of the annual Frontier Wars March in Canberra....

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More Police Does Not Lead to Less Crime

1 day ago

New research undertaken by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has added weight to the...

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Documenting the land rush

1 day ago

When the Boomers met the Sooners Two million acres west of the Mississippi. Land that had been promi...

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Identifying volunteers by title

2 days ago

Today’s correspondent asks: Is there a legal requirement, when dealing with the community, for an am...

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The Offence of Jaywalking in New South Wales

2 days ago

Ever wondered when and where you are permitted to cross a public road in New South Wales? Or what m...

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Animal Rights

2 days ago

'Animal abuse, biotechnology and species justice' by David Rodríguez Goyes and Ragnhild Sollund in...

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Facebook Under Fire Over Fake News About Upcoming Federal Election

2 days ago

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is reported to have asked Facebook to remove four items o...

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Sydney Court Hears Sexual Slavery Allegations

2 days ago

It is alleged that a Thai sex worker was spat on and repeatedly struck by her Sydney clients, then...

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