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Warnbro father Stephen Read killed metres from sleeping son

33 minutes ago

A man who died after he was struck by a car in an alleged hit-and-run in Warnbro over the weekend wa...

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Geelong hold off Hawthorn to claim 23-point victory at the MCG

2 hours ago

Geelong hang on in an Easter Monday thriller at the MCG, holding off the fast-finishing Hawks to com...

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Eels thrash hapless Tigers by 45 points at Parramatta Stadium

2 hours ago

Parramatta thrash a disappointing Wests Tigers 51-6 at the brand new Parramatta Stadium to record th...

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Shorten victory to ‘accelerate the slowdown’

2 hours ago

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reached out to mortgage brokers across the country warning them a...

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Live: Hawthorn hosts Geelong in an Easter Monday blockbuster at the MCG

4 hours ago

The Hawks host the Cats at the MCG in an Easter Monday AFL blockbuster. Follow all the live scores a...

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Live: The Eels host the Tigers at the brand-new Paramatta Stadium

4 hours ago

The Eels hope to christen the brand-new Parramatta Stadium with a win when they take on the Tigers....

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'Love of my life': Drowned hero son was set to be a father himself

4 hours ago

Amber Griffiths, the partner of Andrew Powell, 32, posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook on Mon...

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Australia to fight for first Fed Cup title in 45 years after Barty, Stosur win deciding doubles

6 hours ago

Australia is in the Fed Cup final for the first time in 26 years after Samantha Stosur and Ash Barty...

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Labor do not have plans for an inheritance tax: Bowen

6 hours ago

April 22, 2019. Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen speaks to media in Sydney and calls on Prime Minister S...

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RAW: PM visits Buddhist Temple paying respects to Sri Lankan victims

6 hours ago

April 22, 2019. The Prime Minister Scott Morrison vists a Buddhist temple in Melbourne paying his re...

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Eiffel Tower goes dark for Sri Lanka attack victims

6 hours ago

Paris holds a candlelight vigil to honour the more than 200 victims of the Easter bombings in Sri La...

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Sri Lankan PM visits damaged church after deadly bombing

6 hours ago

Sri Lanka's prime minister visited a church damaged by the Easter bombings on Sunday, after more tha...

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SES commends heroic actions of Andrew and Ross Powell – their death are devastating to the community

6 hours ago

April 22, 2019. Victoria State Emergency Service Acting Chief Officer, David Baker, comments on the...

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Prime Minister Addresses Media Outside Buddhist Temple Following Sri Lanka Attacks

6 hours ago

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended a ceremony at a Sri Lankan buddhist temple in Berw...

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Morrison and Joyce need to explain $80m water buyback: Bowen

6 hours ago

April 22, 2019. Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen speaks to media in Sydney about the coalition’s water b...

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Labor pledges migrant parents cheaper visas

6 hours ago

April 22, 2019. Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen alongside Shayne Neumann speaks to reporters in Sydney,...

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'It was in the balls': Welterweight title fight ends in low-blow TKO

8 hours ago

A hotly anticipated welterweight title fight between Terence Crawford and Amir Khan ends with a low...

Blow | fight | welterweight | Balls |

Girl injured in horror camping incident

8 hours ago

A Perth mum has issued a dire warning to campers after her young daughter suffered horrific burns to...

Horror | injured | incident | camping |

‘Worst phone call a daughter could get’

8 hours ago

The daughter of the Victorian man who was killed by his pet deer has revealed the moment she found o...

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DFAT confirms one Australian injured in Sri Lanka bombings

8 hours ago

At least one Australian has been injured in the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, according to th...

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