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Experts warn horror flu season ahead for Queensland

35 minutes ago

While 2018 was a mild flu season with 15,685 cases in Queensland, there has already been 8281 confir...

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Accused wife killer claims 'self-defence' in court

35 minutes ago

An accused murderer has admitted he killed his wife in their Sydney home but will argue he acted in...

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Crows star's brother-in-law loses 'cheeky' bet

35 minutes ago

The brother-in-law of AFL player Eddie Betts has honoured a bizarre bet he made with the Crows star...

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Girl, 10, among Australians killed in Sri Lanka attack

35 minutes ago

Two Australians including a 10-year-old girl have been killed in the Sri Lanka bomb blasts and anoth...

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Woman seriously injured after fall from Adelaide building

35 minutes ago

A woman suffered serious injuries after she fell 10 metres from a building in Adelaide’s CBD this mo...

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Grandma who faked blindness for benefits guilty of ripping off Centrelink

35 minutes ago

A grandmother who pretended to be blind for 21 years to receive a disability pension has pleaded gui...

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Why giant glow-in-the-dark cross has locals lit up

35 minutes ago

This 12-bedroom, two-bathroom, one-kitchen, two-bar house, fit with a ballroom, a play room and thre...

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Family warned of dangers before father, daughter drowning tragedy

35 minutes ago

A family were warned about dangerous surf conditions before a man and his daughter drowned off South...

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‘We finally feel free’: carefree families lives on the road

35 minutes ago

It's long been grey nomads who dominate our highways as they head out to enjoy retirement - but now,...

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Ukraine’s President Delivers Concession Speech After Comedian Wins Election

35 minutes ago

Outgoing Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko delivered a concession speech on the evening of Sunday...

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California Firefighters Rescue 10 Lucky Ducklings From Storm Drain

35 minutes ago

Firefighters from Alameda County Fire Department saved ten ducklings from a storm drain in Union Cit...

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Sri Lanka says attacks by suicide bombers

36 minutes ago

An investigator says seven suicide bombers took part in the attacks on churches and luxury hotels in...

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Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months

2 hours ago

  The CLP candidate for Lingiari, as a member of the Town Council, contributed little to the runni...

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'Not having him here, it hurts. It hurts so much'

2 hours ago

Family who escaped violence in South Sudan devastated by son's shooting death at Love Machine nightc...

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Two Australians confirmed killed in Sri Lanka attack

2 hours ago

The number of people killed in Sri Lanka's church and hotel attacks has risen to 290 with more than...

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Two-truck crash leaves driver shocked

2 hours ago

'I was just sitting there taking my break and then I looked up and then I jumped to the passenger si...

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Clean-up operation underway after Summerland Way truck crash

2 hours ago

EMERGENCY services are on the scene of a collision between two trucks on the Summerland Way this aft...

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Rocky finish for cancer survivor's incredible voyage

2 hours ago

Taking the definition of survival to a whole new level, Maxine Cowie has triumphed in a 3,000km voya...

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'Panic mode': Witnesses describes aftermath of Sri Lanka bombs

2 hours ago

As a series of bombs exploded across Colombo, people were left reeling.

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Folau, Rugby Australia showdown date set

3 hours ago

Israel Folau will have his showdown with Rugby Australia on the first weekend of May as the governin...

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