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'It's not viable for me to work': Ninety per cent tax for a day's work

19 hours ago

Valerie Jackson has two daughters and pays $750 a week in childcare fees - that's almost her net wee...

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Labor demands Facebook remove 'fake news' posts about false death tax plans

19 hours ago

Labor has demanded Facebook investigate apparent “fake news” posts claiming the opposition is planni...

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Scott Morrison pledges $100 million to help rural cancer patients

19 hours ago

The Morrison government is set to unveil a $100 million plan to help Australians with cancer and rar...

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Former RBA chief slams Coalition's 'crazy' climate claims

19 hours ago

Respected economist Bernie Fraser says Labor is sensible to propose the use of international carbon...

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Trump-Russia probes won't sway voters

1 day ago

The continuing investigations into Mr Trump and Russia are important but they will not change the mi...

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'Malicious and stupid': Political climate war heats up as Shorten and Morrison clash over policy

2 days ago

The campaign is threatening to turn into a new climate change war after Scott Morrison and Bill Shor...

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A rugby league man in the football state: Liberals cling to hope in 'the Massachusetts of Australia'

4 days ago

Liberals concede Victoria remains a problem in this election, but optimistic strategists don't regar...

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Assange was reckless but that might not be a crime

5 days ago

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has already inspired several movies and his arrest after h...

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Katter's candidate for Dawson 'regrets' two-year doping ban

6 days ago

One of Bob Katter's candidates has expressed his regret over a "mistake" that resulted in a two-year...

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Federal election likely to be won and lost in Victoria

6 days ago

If the Liberal Party wants to govern the country again it will need to rethink its message to libera...

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The rise and rise of Kristina Keneally inside Bill Shorten's inner circle

6 days ago

It was the briefest of moments but it went to the heart of why Kristina Keneally is at the heart of...

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Farewell wonderful Winx

1 week ago

Many say Winx was greater even than the legendary Phar Lap.

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Tax fight escalates over $387 billion Treasury claim

1 week ago

Labor is pledging to boost the incomes of 3.6 million Australians in a furious response to  governme...

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Get ready for a gruelling election campaign

1 week ago

Here's hoping for a good clean fight as Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten go head to head.

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Voters get to choose a prime minister who'll stay for three years

1 week ago

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared in Parliament on Thursday to announce he had called an e...

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ALP to play offence as it seeks to build majority to protect tax plans

1 week ago

Labor is planning an aggressive campaign push amid concerns its tax agenda could be stymied.

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Federal Election 2019 LIVE: Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten kick off campaigns for May 18 election

1 week ago

After months of speculation, and just days after the Coalition delivered a budget designed to woo vo...

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Here's hoping electric-car scare campaign leads to a sensible debate

1 week ago

The Coalition scare campaign against electric vehicles has been shameless but might start a useful d...

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'The #metoo movement is very controversial': Turnbull launches Despoja book

1 week ago

A short book is a good book, opined former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, speaking at the launch o...

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Taxpayers' bill for advertising hits $136 million as Scott Morrison prepares to call election

1 week ago

Tender documents reveals the advertising budget for Treasury to promote tax cuts was $16 million.

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