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Melbourne motorists slowed to 30km/h

10 hours ago

A new road rule will slow Melbourne motorists to a 30km/h speed limit in the city’s CBD.

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Aussies build real life Hot Wheels car

10 hours ago

A Brisbane father and son have brought their love of Hot Wheels model cars to life with a heavily mo...

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Hi-tech Chinese ships close in

1 day ago

Hi-tech Chinese ships have been detected near Manus Island as the United States and Australia begin...

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‘Catastrophic’ decline hitting the globe

1 day ago

They’re the things that often bug us the most — quite literally.

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Accidental erections that made millions

2 days ago

In the almighty search for a cure for impotence, it seemed like everything had been tried, from tige...

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Aussies wake to historic snowfall

2 days ago

Locals couldn’t have anticipated this: Snowboarding in Western Australia in April?

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Five-door hatchback offers style and verve

2 days ago

THE small car is no longer merely white goods transportation.

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Electric ute planned for Oz

3 days ago

Tradies need not despair about being kicked out of their utes if Labor wins government.

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Citroen C3 Aircross first drive

3 days ago

2019 Citroen C3 Aircross Australian review.

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Simple road question causes fiery debate

4 days ago

What was meant to be a simple road rules question turned into a firey debate when people couldn’t co...

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Big problem with Samsung’s foldable phone

4 days ago

Samsung’s new smartphone doesn’t go on sale until next week — yet it’s already falling apart.

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New Toyota Kluger family SUV revealed

4 days ago

Big families need big power, says Toyota, which has stuck to its guns by retaining a V6 for the next...

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Why this big fish is so dumb

4 days ago

There’s not much going on between the gills of the coelacanth fish — its brain cavity is 100 times b...

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Kia unveils funky electric SUV

4 days ago

There are hints of beach buggy with a funky, all-electric twist in Kia’s latest concept car, the Hab...

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Honey I shrunk the SUV

4 days ago

Hyundai has shrunk the SUV.

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Controversy over horrific Netflix scene

4 days ago

From the moment Netflix aired the mass suicide of walruses in a David Attenborough documentary there...

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Bluetooth speakers that sound like a seriously good hi-fi

5 days ago

For $3399, Dynaudio's Xeo 20's give you audiophile sound quality and wireless convenience.

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Voters worried about fake news effects

5 days ago

Sixty per cent of Australian voters are concerned about fake news hitting the election campaign, wit...

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Facebook slammed for inaction on fake news

5 days ago

Facebook has been slammed for taking a “ludicrous” approach to protecting the Australian federal ele...

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Astounding dog rescue 209km at sea

5 days ago

This is the heartwarming moment a stranded dog was rescued after she was found swimming in the Gulf...

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