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Kim arrives for summit with Russia's Putin

1 hour ago

North Korea's Kim Jong-un has reached the Russian city of Vladivostok for a summit with Russian Pres...

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More than 50 dead after South Africa rains

1 hour ago

Heavy rains have caused flooding and mudslides in the southern and eastern parts of South Africa, ki...

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Saudi Arabia’s brutal and bloody crackdown

1 hour ago

Abdulkareem al-Hawaj was just 16 when he was arrested for taking part in anti-government protests in...

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Sri Lankan bomber had Aussie links

1 hour ago

One of the suicide bombers behind the Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka that killed nearly 360 peo...

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Sri Lanka toll rises, bomber link to Aust

3 hours ago

Sri Lankan officials say one of the suicide bombers involved in Sunday's attacks studied in Australi...

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Kim arrives in Russia for Putin meeting

3 hours ago

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is travelling by train to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in t...

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Doubts raised over IS terror picture

3 hours ago

While it’s yet to be proved whether Islamic State was directly responsible for the Sri Lankan bombin...

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Sad trend in Sri Lanka attacks

3 hours ago

When the Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames last week, it was only natural the tragedy reverbera...

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Power, right-wing populism and 'dangerous others': India's story too

3 hours ago

A phenomenon that is rising globally now threatens India's great success.

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'Vengeful': Hong Kong protest leaders jailed four years later

3 hours ago

Two high-profile university professors who founded the Occupy movement that brought Hong Kong to a s...

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Melinda Gates’ ‘abusive relationship’

5 hours ago

She’s got a loving family, billions in the bank and a rewarding career — but even Melinda Gates’ imm...

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‘We were expecting the worst’

5 hours ago

In an incredible tale of survival, three men have beaten the odds and survived a horror helicopter c...

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Soldiers Without Guns

5 hours ago

New feature film Soldiers Without Guns, directed by Will Watson, tells the story of how New Zealand...

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Democrats pushing for Trump’s tax returns to be released

5 hours ago

US Democrats are preparing for a legal fight as the deadline looms for the US Treasury and Internal...

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Another explosion rocks Sri Lanka

5 hours ago

Another bomb blast has rocked Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo days after a wave of suicide bombings kill...

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Explosion at Savoy Cinema in Colombo, Sri Lanka: reports

5 hours ago

There are reports of an explosion in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo.

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'Is my English OK?': Greta Thunberg's blunt speech to UK MPs

7 hours ago

Greta Thunberg says the United Kingdom is 'irresponsible' on climate change, it comes as environment...

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Philippines wages war on Canadian waste, threatens to sail it back

7 hours ago

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte berated Canada in a long-running dispute over waste exported t...

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Muslim woman shuts down anti-Islam protesters by posing for a photo with them

7 hours ago

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel said she was motivated to respond to hatred with kindness when she saw and heard p...

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Mass funerals as nation mourns

7 hours ago

As he stood among the newly dug graves of his compatriots, one man fell to his knees and said a pray...

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