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colette fu

1 hour ago

You didn’t see that coming, did you!? Collaged pop-up books are already fabulous, but then, hold on,...

Colette |

Rodriguez: Found by the River

20 hours ago

Artist Daniel Rios Rodriguez uses discarded and organic materials gathered on walks in the San Anton...

Rodriguez | river |

HOW TO: painting essentials edition

20 hours ago

Whether it’s a still lake, a reflective pool or a rushing river, it’s easy to be inspired by the eve...

edition | essentials | painting |

Take a closer look at Metamorphosis

20 hours ago

For many, spring is symbolic of reawakening. For artist Tim Whiten, the same can be said with the be...

Closer |

Seeing Impressionism in 3D

20 hours ago

At first glance Gustave Caillebotte’s Le Pont de l’Europe 1876 (a highlight from our exhibition Impr...

3D |

Celebrate mom at the AGO

20 hours ago

It’s that time of year again – when the rush to get the perfect bouquet of flowers, find that specia...

Celebrate | Mom | ago |

All that glitters

20 hours ago

The crystal anniversary of AGO Massive brought good vibes to the museum. This important fundraiser c...

glitters |

pa-per {a group show}

1 day ago

A 15 artist exhibition celebrating all things “pa•per”, and this isn’t even half of them! From insan...

group | PA |

Multimodal Expressive Arts Practices

1 day ago

We can choose to regularly take breaks from logical, habitual states of mind by designing regular ex...

practices | Expressive | Arts |

Quick Hit: Reclining Woman

1 day ago

I love the cubist era but somehow I missed knowing enough about Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955) wh...

Oaxacan Animal Carvings

1 day ago

Whether friendly or fierce, sublime or surreal, animals have captivated the imagination of artists i...

animal |

Illustrator Spotlight: Jialun Deng

1 day ago

Jialun Deng                                 Jialun Deng’s Website Jialun Deng on Instagram

spotlight | illustrator |

mé collective

2 days ago

Gasp! A big, beautiful, very solid “wave” that, because of the window behind it, looks like it’s mov...

worthy of worth, part 2

2 days ago

On November 25, 2018 I wrote a post about WORTH, and more specifically, feeling WORTHY OF WORTH. Tha...

worthy |

Bringing the Light: Isobel Hamilton

3 days ago

Today we are launching the beginning of the latest paintings by Isobel Hamilton. This is very excit...

Hamilton | light | Bringing |

Art Bundle for Good Giveaway!

3 days ago

Win a Free Art Course Bundle! Did you miss the Art Bundle for Good #3 last fall? If so you can enter...

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Sketchbook Saturday: Easter

3 days ago

This beautiful set of Easter sketches is by Violeta Hernández, an illustrator in Monterrey, Mexico. ...

Easter | Saturday | sketchbook |

Slowtide Creative Canvas Art & Photo Contest

4 days ago

One artist and one photographer will each receive $500 plus $500 worth of Slowtide product!

canvas | photo | contest | creative |

The Art Bank at the Papier Art Fair: Tips for Your Visit

4 days ago

The Canada Council Art Bank will be an exhibitor at the Papier Art Fair in Montréal this year! This...

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Photographer Spotlight: Katharina Bayer

4 days ago

Katharina Bayer                                 Katharina Bayer’s Website Katharina Bayer on Instagr...

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