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The Open University is 50 years old today

5 hours ago

BBC (2019) Open University: Photos Issued to Mark 50th Anniversary, April 17 My personal story The B...

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People That Fill Your Bucket

11 hours ago

Watch this short clip from “Jerry Maguire”: This short clip, says so much about us as educators as w...

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Tap Into The Educational Potential of iTunes U with This Resource

11 hours ago

 iTunes U is an excellent app to use in class to help you tap into the educational potential of iPad...

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3 Good Sources for Educational Documentaries

16 hours ago

We have recently received a few requests from teachers asking about websites where they can search f...

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Performance-Based Funding 101: The Indicators

22 hours ago

Ok guys, I’m going to take the rest of the week to nerd out about performance-based funding (PBF) i...

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4 Good Sources of Educational Video Content

1 day ago

Looking for educational video content on the web becomes almost synonymous with searching popular vi...

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I And You And Us: 30 Inspiring Messages For Students

1 day ago

I And You And Us: 30 Inspiring Messages For Students by Terry Heick The premise is simple enough he...

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Pearson’s 2025 Plan to Transform Teaching : What’s the Education International Critique Missing?

1 day ago

The new world of Artificial Intelligence is upon us and teaching may never be the same.  That’s the...

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3 Chromebook Tools for Creating Instructional Visuals

1 day ago

Looking for tools to use on your Chromebook to create posters and infographics to share with your st...

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PEI Platform Analysis

1 day ago

Prince Edward Island goes to the polls tomorrow, and while it is Canada’s littlest province with an...

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The Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning #InnovatorsMindsetUDL

2 days ago

The above image is a draft visual that is the basis of my next book, “The Core of Innovative Teachin...

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The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 162 What Do We Really Mean By “Deeper Thinking And Learning”?

3 days ago

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 162 What Do We Really Mean By “Deeper Thinking And Learning”? Drew Per...

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Access Tons of Literary Works from These Sources

3 days ago

In a previous post we covered some very good websites where you can search for and access free eBook...

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A Collection of Chrome Extensions for Social Studies Teachers

3 days ago

Chromebook is a versatile gadget with a huge potential in education. Several school districts and cl...

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Here Is An Ideal Tool for Flipped and Blended Learning Classrooms

4 days ago

The Answer Pad is an interesting educational platform for teachers. It combines two powerful functio...

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60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques

4 days ago

60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques by TeachThought Staff As frequently as a chef ne...

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Want To Deepen Your Teaching? Attend TeachThought Grow 19, July 16-19

4 days ago

Are you ready to deepen your teaching? Are you excited to use Project-Based Learning to empower stu...

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6 Good Resources for Music Teachers

4 days ago

Below is a compilation of some very good resources for music teachers. It contains tons of music les...

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“Tell me what you need to ensure that every student in your class can learn.”

5 days ago

In my post, “Invest in the People that Invest in the Students,” discussing the importance of focusin...

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Updated Collection of Web Tools and Apps that Support 21st Century Learning

5 days ago

Technology has radically transformed the notion of education to the extent that a label such as 21st...

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