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Moving British bf to Canada?

1 hour ago

Hey all, I’m(22f) Canadian but currently living with my boyfriend(25m) of 4 years in the UK. I’m h...

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A little help with Family Information form

1 hour ago

Might be a dumb question... basically me and my 'common law partner' are applying for IEC visa. We...

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Jamaican Immigrants to Canada

7 hours ago

138K Jamaicans resided in Canada In 2016, 138,345 Jamaican immigrants resided in Canada -most of the...

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Move to BC on PGWP - 5 months without health coverage?!

9 hours ago

I’m moving to BC for a job in mid May. I’m an international student who will be applying for a pos...

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Invited to apply after 3 weeks...and the timing couldn't be worse.

11 hours ago

After some help from this sub-reddit, my wife and I successfully created our immigration profiles...

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Got my Invitation to Apply and am currently applying. Question about the travel/tourism history.

15 hours ago

How exact do I have to be with regards to the dates in which I left my passport country? submi...

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10 Canadian tech startups that are hiring right now

15 hours ago

Looking for work in Canada’s thriving tech start-up scene?  The Toronto-based MaRS innovation hub ha...

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Prince Edward Island issues 130 invitations in April 18 draw

15 hours ago

Prince Edward Island issued new invitations to Express Entry candidates and others in a draw held Ap...

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Canadim City Spotlight: Ottawa, ON

17 hours ago

Welcome back to Canadim’s City Spotlight! This week we’re taking on Canada’s national capital, the...

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Does a photocopy of your work permit suffice?

19 hours ago

Hey, I have left Canada and lost my original IEC work permit. I have a photocopy of the file and j...

Ontario provides new details of proposed nominee program changes

19 hours ago

Ontario has released new details of proposed changes to a number of key Ontario Immigrant Nominee Pr...

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What’s up with this CRS score?

1 day ago

Got Masters in CS from US, 10 years of work experience (7 in US), 8.0 on IELTS but my CRS score is...

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Can you get another work permit while applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit?

1 day ago

Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for any help. My question is about a particular situation. What if...

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Work experience question for Express Entry

1 day ago

I have 2 year(s), 10 month(s), 11 day(s) in my current job. Can I submit 3 years in my form and I...

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Applied for PR through FSW, now what?

1 day ago

I submitted my PR-FSW application about 3 weeks ago. Is there anything I should be doing in the me...

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Do I need a return flight ticket to enter Canada?

1 day ago

I'm a student in Ireland and i have received my 2 year Working Holiday Visa into Canada. I am plan...

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Top 15 Questions Every Immigrant to Canada Has

1 day ago

Read more Top 15 Questions Every Immigrant to Canada Has 5 facts, 5 questions, and 5 answers abo...

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Express Entry Draw #115 Results: 3,350 Invitations Issued on April 17th, 2019

1 day ago

The latest Express Entry Draw took place during the period of April 17, 2019. During this round 3,35...

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Can I continue working if my study(coop)/work permit renewal is under process?

1 day ago

So I got my study permit approved and CIC said they'll mail it to me within 6 weeks. But my coop j...

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IRCC news- New Express Entry draw issues 3,350 invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence...

1 day ago

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