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That's a wrap on LYS Day

1 day ago

Thanks to all who visited for LYS Day. To say it was crazy is an understatement. Our parking lot was...

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What a beautiful shawl

2 days ago

Stole Bohemia is a new pattern from Svetlana Gordon. Svetlana's work is amazing. Take a look at he...

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When Everything Goes Wrong // lessons learned this week

2 days ago

If you don't make mistakes, then you don't get the opportunity to learn. The post When Everything G...

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April's Trillium Guild Meeting.

3 days ago

At our April meeting, Kim brought a guest, Doris Kidd. Doris is an avid knitter and embroiderer. She...

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Finally, some Elim photos

3 days ago

Several of us went up on the Thursday and we were joined by the rest the next day. We arrange tables...

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Magical Thinking

3 days ago

I totally forgot to share the last 5 colours that Hedgehog has introduced for spring. Let me introd...

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Oxford Punch Needles at The Knit Cafe

3 days ago

The Knit Café now carries all sizes of Amy Oxford’s Punch Needles! These rug hooking needles are the...

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Espace Tricot Podcast – Episode 28!

3 days ago

Did you catch the 28th episode of our Podcast on YouTube? We talk about our recent visit to the Edin...

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A sweater for my bestie

3 days ago

I was seventeen years old in 1999 when Air Canada dropped me into the sweltering humidity of a small...

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4 days ago

What a beautiful day. Lynn and I went outside for some pictures. Lynda just finished a new store sam...

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4 days ago

Welcome back everyone!! It has been a spectacularly crazy week and then the Toronto Knitters Guild...

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Busy week!-a class, and more

4 days ago

Yes, it's true!  I am teaching a spinning class in conjunction with the Pembina Fibreshed on Mother...

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LYS Day Colours

5 days ago

Here are the next five colours from Hedgehog Fibres. LieblingPinky gray base with lots of speckles -...

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Make & Hue's Tradition issue

5 days ago

My article, Made by Anonymous, has gone live in Sweet Georgia's Make & Hue Tradition issue!Do...

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Something Old, Something New

5 days ago

Exploring and Reinterpreting Textile Traditions for our Modern Age When Tabetha and I were brainsto...

A Found Sweater

5 days ago

A chance encounter provided me with a special traditional sweater that has inspired me for decades....

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Legacy for Our Children

5 days ago

“If I die, will you teach her how to knit?” When my friend asked me that question, I could literall...

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Turtles All the Way Down

5 days ago

Twenty-three years ago I was fielding questions from high school students in Indonesia. It was an E...

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Closer to Heritage

5 days ago

“According to Māori belief, any talent a person possesses comes from the ancestors and has been pas...

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