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Kyla Lee on iHeart Radio

15 hours ago

Michelle Gray says she’s afraid to get behind the wheel again after having her licence suspended fo...

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The Fight Against the Attrition of Women Lawyers

15 hours ago

“Within 5 years of being called to the bar, 57% of women and 49% of men will have left private pract...

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$175,000 Non-Pecuniary Assessment for Chronic Psychological Injuries

15 hours ago

Reasons for judgement were published this week by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, assessin...

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ICBC Criticized For Not Practicing What It Preaches

15 hours ago

In recent months both ICBC and the Provincial Government have been vocal in criticizing the use of m...

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We Are Hiring! Litigation Position at MacIsaac & Company!

15 hours ago

Due to our rapidly growing personal injury practice MacIsaac & Company’s head office in Victoria...

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Court Challenge Launched Against BC Injury Claims Expert Witness Cap

15 hours ago

Earlier this year the BC Government introduced changes to the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules capping t...

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Introducing Jennifer Shuber, Certified Specialist in Family Law

19 hours ago

Gelman & Associates is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Shuber to our firm. Jennifer is a highly-re...

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California Woman Receives $150,000 In Unpaid Child Support

19 hours ago

We often deal with and write about issues relating to child support. One parent’s refusal to make c...

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Canadian Dies Ziplining In Thailand

21 hours ago

As we near the end of another long Canadian winter, many Canadians may be planning their getaways t...

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Challenging Electronic Systems’ and Devices’ Ability to Produce Reliable Evidence

23 hours ago

This is a short summary of the full text of this article, which has the same title, and which was p...

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Another setback: Justice McEwen unsheathes the sword of Damocles

1 day ago

On Wednesday, Justice Thomas McEwen did as promised -- he responded to the request of lawyers repres...

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The Right to Unplug

1 day ago

The newly amended Employment Standards Act may have created a context in which an employee may lega...

No expectation of privacy in child-luring cases on the Internet, SCC rules

1 day ago

A man who was convicted of luring a 14-year-old girl over the Internet had no expectation of privacy...

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Playground Accidents and Injuries to Children

1 day ago

Spring is here and the temperatures are beginning to rise.  With the warmer weather comes the excit...

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Internet and Technology: New Regulatory Paradigms

1 day ago

I was pleased to speak earlier today at the McCarthy Tétrault  8th Annual Technology Law Innovation...

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Ontario Budget 2019-20 Summary of Interest to Employers and Other Measures

1 day ago

On April 11, 2019, the Ontario government tabled its 2019-20 fiscal budget, “Protecting What Matter...

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Re-seller of fraudulent goods found wilfully blind by Court of Appeal

1 day ago

In Wescom Solutions Inc. v Minetto, the Ontario Court of Appeal confirmed that the test for wilful b...

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Apex Courts and the Common Law

1 day ago

Apex Courts and the Common Law, a collection I edited for University of Toronto Press is now on sale...

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