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99 Mother’s Day gifts you’ll actually want

13 hours ago

No matter what mom's taste is, you're sure to find something she'll love in this list of pretty Mot...

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98 Mother’s Day gifts you’ll actually want

15 hours ago

No matter what mom's taste is, you're sure to find something she'll love in this list of pretty Mot...

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What it’s like being a male daycare teacher

16 hours ago

Many parents are clearly suspicious of my motives. And it hurts like hell. The post What it’s like...

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We shouldn’t be surprised that Meghan Markle isn’t doing a royal baby photocall

16 hours ago

The Duchess of Sussex has faced a barrage of unfair criticism since she began her relationship with...

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3 everyday life hacks to help busy families stay organized

16 hours ago

Life can feel nonstop for busy families that are always on the go! Blogger Marielle Altenor shares...

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6 summer life hacks for daily adventures

16 hours ago

Keep it easy breezy as the weather warms up! Blogger Codi Lynn Warmerdam shares her life hacks for...

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5 school morning hacks to make life easier

16 hours ago

School mornings can be rough—but they don’t have to be! Blogger Christine Martin shares her game-ch...

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Sleep and feeding schedule for your 12- to 18-month-old baby

18 hours ago

The transition from baby to toddler can do a number on their sleep—and yours. Here are some sample...

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Things are going missing…how to teach your preschooler to be trustworthy.

20 hours ago

My friend had placed a box of chocolate bars for a fundraiser on her hall table. She was happy to se...

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Eight ADHD facts

20 hours ago

Vinay Saranga M.D., a child and adult psychiatrist says there are eight facts everyone should under...

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Fueling creativity

20 hours ago

By Luke Hill Everyone needs to be creative. I’m not saying that everyone has the capacity to make g...

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Prince Louis is all smiles in the cutest new photos for his first birthday

1 day ago

The three snaps taken by Kate Middleton show off the littlest Cambridge's toothy smile and sweet de...

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97 Mother’s Day gifts you’ll actually want

1 day ago

No matter what mom's taste is, you're sure to find something she'll love in this list of pretty Mot...

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Are you a good candidate for having a home birth?

1 day ago

If you’re having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, delivering your baby at home instead of at a hospit...

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Aww! We love these cute pics of babies sleeping on top of their dads

1 day ago

Fatherhood has never looked so wholesome! Check out these adorable photos of dads and their babies...

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What it’s like to watch a surrogate give birth to your baby

1 day ago

"In my infertility groups, people often described surrogates as angels, but with her slick skin and...

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Making New Traditions

1 day ago

Annual holidays have fallen into a fairly settled routine for my extended families. We haven’t real...

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Stop feeling bad about giving your kids non-organic strawberries and apples

1 day ago

The Dirty Dozen foods list has long been a source of parental guilt, but maybe it's time to start i...

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Movies that teach kids about climate change

1 day ago

Inspire your kids to care for our planet this Earth Day with these kids' movies about climate chang...

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Best baby skin care

1 day ago

By Sandra Gordon Skin care for babies is big business. On Amazon alone, there are more than 60,000...

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