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How to balance CCP? Already holding VUN VCN XAW

3 hours ago

Hi, I have previously been following CCP but got wayside for a bit. I'm trying to rebalance my por...

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Late to it - tax treatment of Potash and Agrium Merger

3 hours ago

So I am doing up my taxes and clearly did not pay attention to the whole Potash and Agrium merger....

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[BC] I got a car as a gift from my parents recently. Thinking about selling it sometime in the next...

3 hours ago

I live in Vancouver, BC. Got the car as a complete gift - no amount was written on the vehicle own...

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Do I need a tax lawyer? I failed to report a small stream of income (compensation for permanent inju...

3 hours ago

so, a bunch of years ago, I got injured while employed by the government in another country. some...

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Am I a tax resident?

3 hours ago

I moved to Canada in August last year on a working holiday visa. I looked on the website and it sa...

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Motusbank GIC

3 hours ago

Saw an ad that Motusbank (Owned by Meridian Credit Union) is offering an 18 month GIC rate of 3.00...


Accidentally signed up to koodo, found out a few months later and now my credit score is garbage

5 hours ago

So late last year I was pursuing the cheapest phone plan and saw Koodo had 10gb for 75$ and procee...

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Common law wife transferring funds into Canada

5 hours ago

Hi, I am a Canadian citizen that has been living in Cambodia for over 4 years - not a Canadian re...

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April 2019 Update

7 hours ago

The post April 2019 Update appeared first on Spring Financial Planning.

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Tax Return

7 hours ago

Hey all, I'm trying to understand why I make so little in my tax returns compared to others. My G...

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Can you amend previous years (ex 2015) taxes over the phone with CRA?

7 hours ago

I return a portion of the student loan that I took in 2015 . And I just received an amended T4A fr...

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Is there a way to get my monthly bank fees waived

9 hours ago

I'm a permanent resident, and when i came to Canada i got an offer from RBC for newcomers to get m...

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Employee Group RRSP Investment Options (RBC)

9 hours ago

I just enrolled in my company group RRSP program through RBC where they will match my contribution...

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Anyone tried paying GST/HST to CRA with tangerine? I need a step by step guide.

9 hours ago

I'm on the tangerine payee and it does not have Federal – GST/HST Payment – GST-P (GST-P). I did n...

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Are you able to claim child care expenses for first child while on parental leave with a second chil...

9 hours ago

I know you can’t claim them with a stay at home parent if you send a child to daycare, but can you...

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Former employer didn't submit T4 - Can I give my accountant self-filled T4 for personal tax filing?

9 hours ago

As the title says - would I be liable if I submit to my accountant a T4 form that I fill in myself...

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Condo insurance - water/ snow damages

9 hours ago

Hello, Quebec, Canada region I just purchased a Condo, and I just acquired insurance, which inclu...

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When should I use my tuition tax credits?

9 hours ago

I have quite a large amount of educational tax credits from post secondary that I can use to make...

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9 hours ago

Got offered 4 year fixed at 3.09% Rbc by rbc mortgage specialist Can I do better? Asking them to b...

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How do sales/purchasing taxes work for out of province sale of Goods?

9 hours ago

Our company is incorporated within Ontario (not a federal corporation). We purchase goods within i...

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