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USDA orders scientists to say published research is ‘preliminary’

9 hours ago

WaPo article via SF Chronicle…. No, not The Onion. USDA orders scientists to say published research...

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US Housing Starts Outlook, Q2 2019 Update: Get It Right The First Time

13 hours ago

This is the first in a series related to Forisk’s Q2 2019 forest industry analysis and timber price...

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Litigation and Mediation: Exploring the Gendering of Touchy-Feely Options

15 hours ago

I ran across an interesting paper here on the gendered aspect of mediation compared to litigation. I...

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Protegiendo los bosques ancestrales del Paraguay con nuevas tecnologías

15 hours ago

Este es el Gran Chaco. Una amplia extensión de bosque seco, cactus y sabanas de palmera; un tramo d...

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Equipment/clothing recommendations for timber marking

17 hours ago

I’m a Midwesterner going out to N Utah for a timber marking position this summer. As I was scrolli...

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Places to Watch: Curating Data-Driven Stories for Action

17 hours ago

By Mikaela Weisse and Katie Fletcher Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December...

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Synchrony Partners with American Forests for Earth Day to Help Customers Move to Digital Credit Card...

19 hours ago

Synchrony Partners with American Forests for Earth Day to Help Customers Move to Digital Credit Car...

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To write.. it needs... more than... a wish!!!!

1 day ago

How does one start. Some switch on the plug and start typing, some just take a smoke, some wait for...

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Variability of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) fruit traits impacting pine nut yield

1 day ago

Cone to pine nut yield (PY), an important commercial feature of stone pine cropping, was higher in C...

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Our Wooden Future- Cool New Technologies: New Scientist

1 day ago

I thought this article was interesting because it rounded up a variety of new technologies using woo...

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Tree defaced with graffiti on popular horse trail

1 day ago

I work for a company in Colorado that takes tourists on trail rides through the woods. A portion o...

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Forisk Acquires Wood Demand Research Program

1 day ago

Forisk has acquired the Wood Demand Research Program (WDRP) from the Harley Langdale, Jr. Center fo...

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Norway Spruce Endorsed by CSA

1 day ago

In January 2019, the CSA 086 Technical Committee endorsed the inclusion of Canadian grown Norway Spr...

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American Forests Hosts a Tree Planting for Earth Week in Wilmington Delaware

1 day ago

American Forests Hosts a Tree Planting for Earth Week in Wilmington Delaware With support from JPMo...

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For Asian Bioenergy Producers, Success is Driven by Mastering Feedstock Management

1 day ago

The largest risks with early-stage project development of modern bioenergy plants—includ...

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The future of social forestry in Indonesia

2 days ago

Indonesia - In Kalibiru, a national park in the Menoreh mountains to the west of Yogyakarta, touri...

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Growth-mortality attributes and species composition determine carbon sequestration and dynamics of o...

2 days ago

We used 20 years of plot data to analyze the influence of tree growth-mortality balance and species...

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Recovery from Waldo Canyon: WGA Working Lands Roundtable Presentation by Sallie Clarke

2 days ago

  The Western Governors’ Association has been having a Working Lands Roundtable with sessions on dif...

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Liability insurance for slash burning?

2 days ago

I am a contractor who does a lot of fuels reduction projects in Montana USA. My insurer decided th...

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