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World Book Day: 3 Books You Must Read This Election Season

6 hours ago

This election season it's time to bury your nose in some of the best reads during the weekend.

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Book Excerpt: Saba Naqvi's 'Politics of Jugaad' Explains Why Coalition Govt is a Good Option for Ind...

1 week ago

In an age where they are also an outcome of very legitimate electoral processes, one can argue that...

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A problem called Israel

1 week ago

The heart of The Lions' Den is a series of individual portraits of iconic, midcentury left-wing thin...

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3 Books You Must Read This Election Season

1 week ago

This election season it's time to bury your nose in some of the best reads during the weekend.

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The club that fuelled culture

2 weeks ago

Neither fame nor public position was required, and yet a surprising number of these friends would ri...

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Unravelling the Putin enigma

3 weeks ago

The book's usefulness is marred by maddening small errors

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The prosecutor doesn't rest

4 weeks ago

Mr Bharara, who enjoyed a high profile and (mostly) favourable press attention during his tenure fro...

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Afternoon tea and all that...

1 month ago

Under the Raj, the use of silver changed in ways that were delightful, reflecting the dominant lifes...

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The United States of open wounds

1 month ago

Mr Jackson's work is set in Portland, Ore., one of the whitest big cities in America, scarred by a l...

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Book Excerpt: Martin Moore's 'Democracy Hacked' Explains Why Social Media is the New Political Battl...

1 month ago

Narendra Modi used Twitter to bypass mainstream media and speak directly to the people, presenting...

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Neil O'Brien: A Quiz Tribute to the 'Father of Indian Quizzing'

1 month ago

Take this Neil O'Brien Memorial Quiz as a tribute to the pioneer of quizzing in India.

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American Paul Beatty's Race Satire Wins Man Booker Prize

1 month ago

Paul Beatty was on Tuesday named as the first American to win the prestigious Man Booker fiction pr...

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Shah Rukh Khan Launches Samar Khan's Book Titled 'SRK 25 Years of a Life'

1 month ago

He also caught up with some of the filmmakers whom we had worked with in his initial days.

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Book Hand-Written And Illustrated By J.K. Rowling Up For Sale

1 month ago

Book hand-written and illustrated by J.K. Rowling goes on sale at Sotheby's auction house in London...

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Book Review: Chameleon Lights: A Jammu Boy's Musings

1 month ago

Ayushman hails from Jammu, and poetry runs in his blood. He is the grandson of celebrated Dogri poe...

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Jaipur Literature Festival 2017: There's More to The Festival Than Books

1 month ago

As the Jaipur Literature Festival inches closer, we list down must-do things to complete your festi...

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Sasikala No Replacement, Won't Last Long, Says Jayalalithaa's Biographer

1 month ago

Vaasanthi also believes that the nature of politics has changed over the years and cinema has slowl...

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Schools Teach Shakespeare, Not Kalidas. That's a Shame: Tharoor

1 month ago

Tharoor’s latest book An Era Of Darkness: The British Empire In India highlights the subjugation th...

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JK Rowling Hints at Trump's Hate Speech Involvement in Kansas Shooting

1 month ago

Retweeting Indian Author Anand Giridhardas' tweet on Kansan crime, Rowling wrote, "Why hate speech...

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