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Beer May Help Build A Strongly Tied Society, Suggests Study

1 hour ago

Steady supply of beer could have been an important factor behind the long life of the Wari empire.

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Sleep myths may hinder good sleep and health

15 hours ago

(Reuters Health) - Widespread beliefs about sleeping include advice on how much sleep is enough, wha...

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Older people feel more youthful when they also feel in control

19 hours ago

(Reuters Health) - Older adults may feel younger than their age on days when they feel most in contr...

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5 Best Indian Tofu Recipes | Easy Indian Tofu Recipes

21 hours ago

Best Indian Tofu Recipes- Find here a list of best Indian tofu recipes to try at home. From tofu bhu...

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High Protein Diet: 5 Protein And Fibre-Rich Dal Recipes You Can Try

21 hours ago

Dal, or lentil, is a versatile ingredient that is bursting with protein and weight-loss friendly fib...

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China says African swine fever found on Hainan island

23 hours ago

China said on Friday that it had confirmed outbreaks of African swine fever in two locations in Hain...

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Lose Weight Quickly By Drinking Teas Made With This Magical Spice

23 hours ago

This delicious spice, cinnamon, can be used to churn out rich, flavourful drinks that can also help...

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Move Beyond Eggs: Here Are 5 Yummy Vegetarian Ways To Spruce Up Your Morning Toast 

23 hours ago

If you are willing to explore and experiment, you can find many other foods that pair deliciously we...

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Fine Dining At Qutub: Rooh Is Soulful, Charming And Oh-So-Flavourful

23 hours ago

A new restaurant overlooking the magnificent Qutub Minar is serving up a combination of modern and c...

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The New Cocktail Menu Of Smoke House Deli Will Take You On A Stirring Trip

1 day ago

Smoke House Deli promises to take a lover of cocktails through an eclectic journey of flavours signa...

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Watch: How To Make Eggless Chocolate Cake In Just Two Minutes Without Any Baking Equipment

1 day ago

Baking disasters can really be a party-pooper, but what if we tell you can make chocolate cake witho...

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World Liver Day 2019: What Causes Fatty Liver; Expert Diet Dos And Don'ts To Manage The Condition

1 day ago

World Liver Day 2019: Fatty liver disease affects 10 million people in India every year. Dr. Rupali...

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Premium New Zealand honey producer admits adding chemicals: media

1 day ago

A New Zealand company pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of adding artificial chemicals to its pr...

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Watch: Make Urad Dal Puri (Bedmi Kachori) For A Perfect Sunday Breakfast

1 day ago

When it comes to desi breakfasts, there is no dearth of delectable and filling options out there. Ma...

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Kids Who Are Picky Eaters Are More Prone To Chronic Constipation: Study

1 day ago

A new study has linked picky eating or the habit of being oversensitive to certain foods and tastes,...

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Obese sleep apnea patients may live longer with nighttime breathing aid

1 day ago

(Reuters Health) - Obese people with sleep apnea, a common nighttime breathing disorder, may live lo...

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Many older U.S. gun owners don't store firearms safely

1 day ago

(Reuters Health) - Roughly one-third of older people in the U.S. may live in households with guns an...

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Watch the birdie: Badminton players at risk for eye injuries

1 day ago

(Reuters Health) - Badminton players may be at high risk for serious eye injuries, many of which can...

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Trying To Cut Belly Fat? Here's Why You Should Have More Clear Soups

1 day ago

A lot of us are on a constant look-out for quick and easy tips to cut the bulge, but let us also tel...

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Summer Diet Tips: Add These Two Ingredients To Coconut Water To Stay Hydrated

1 day ago

Picture this: It's super-hot and humid outside and the moment you get inside your house, you get to...

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