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When Should You Worry About Your Blood Pressure?

11 hours ago

Affecting one out of three adults in the US, high blood pressure or hypertension is quite prevalent...

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Health Care Roundup: Health Care Proposals Compared; ‘Surprise Billing’ Under Scrutiny; How Cancer D...

13 hours ago

Comparing Health Care Proposals – As Medicare-for-all and other public health care proposals contin...

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Bride Cancels Engagement Photos To Share Special Dance With Terminal Dad.

13 hours ago

“Dad is getting weaker by the day, and unfortunately, we have to do this as soon as possible."

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Could a Vaccine Prevent Colorectal Cancer in People with Lynch Syndrome?

15 hours ago

Findings from an NCI-funded study suggest a new vaccine approach may have the potential to prevent c...

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Mom Says Family Was Kicked Out Of Movie Theater Because Her Son With Special Needs Was Laughing

15 hours ago

His mom thought his squeals and yelps of joy were adorable... but apparently, she was the only one.

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30+ Natural Alternatives to Consider Before...

17 hours ago

Today, cancer patients are given little choice when it comes to their care. Here's a list of over...

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Powerful Ayurvedic (& Antiviral) Detox Tea Recipe

17 hours ago

Enjoy this detoxifying Ayurvedic tea recipe to help move toxins out of your body and keep your imm...

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Thank you for taking part in Pyjamas for PanCan!

17 hours ago

16th April was the official #PJsforPanCan day to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and it’s been...

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Woman Does Photo Shoot with the Breast Implants She Had Removed After Years of Symptoms

17 hours ago

Breast implant illness isn't recognized among most of the medical community, but more and more women...

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AACR Annual Meeting 2019: Patients as Partners in the Research Process

17 hours ago

In the past couple of decades, progress against cancer has created a new generation of survivors. T...

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Choosing the Best Cancer Charities

19 hours ago

Here are tips for finding the best cancer charities and avoiding scams. The post Choosing the Best...

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This Baby May Look ‘Normal’ But He’s Actually The Very First Of His Kind

19 hours ago

This seems like science fiction, but it's not!

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Friday Fix: Healthy Food Substitutions

21 hours ago

Apr 19, 2019 - By Alexandra AxelrodEditor’s note: Each week, our Friday Fix series offers pancreati...

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Latest Developments in ACA Court Case + State Updates!

21 hours ago

Federal Update: Individual Mandate Data: IRS data shows that the number of people paying individual...

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Patient Navigation in Cancer Care: A “New” Frontier

21 hours ago

How many cancer patients or cancer care professionals are aware of the discipline of cancer patient...

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National Health Care Decisions Day (NHCDD)

21 hours ago

Today is National Health Care Decisions Day and we would like to highlight the importance of advance...

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Cancer Rights Law: The Book That Could Save Lives

21 hours ago

What would you say if we told you we could hand you a combined 35 years-worth of knowledge and exper...

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What Are the Common Treatments for Cancer?

1 day ago

Every cancer patient is different, and there are many different types of cancer treatments that a p...

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News digest – red and processed meat, DNA ‘fingerprints’, targeted leukaemia drugs and CRISPR

1 day ago

In the news this week: even moderation consumption of red and processed meat can increase bowel can...

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