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HIV at record low in New South Wales, Australia

25 minutes ago

Less than 300 people were diagnosed with HIV last year. The post HIV at record low in New South Wal...

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Labour councillor faces probe over anti-gay Twitter abuse

25 minutes ago

The Labour councillor apologised for referring to Lib Dems as "fags" and "bum boys." The post Labou...

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Courtney Act ‘robbed’ of victory on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars

25 minutes ago

The star was top of the leaderboard, but did not take the trophy. The post Courtney Act ‘robbed’ of...

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You Need to Hear John Cameron Mitchell’s Epic Musical Podcast Today

25 minutes ago

The stellar cast includes Glenn Close, Patti LuPone, Justin Vivian Bond, and more.

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Can You Forgive the Coachella Gays Who Partied With Aaron Schock?

25 minutes ago

"For our own political ignorance, we are deeply sorry."

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Trump Poised To Roll Back Trans Health Protections

25 minutes ago

The Hill reports: The Trump administration appears ready to roll back health care protections for t...

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Trans woman speaks out for first time since brutal assault in Dallas

25 minutes ago

'Our time to seek justice is now,' Muhlaysia Booker said at a press conference

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Study: Trans adults in the US have higher risk of ‘poor’ physical health

25 minutes ago

Researchers linked these health issues to the transphobia they face

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Tokyo Rainbow Pride is upon us and here’s how Japan celebrates love

25 minutes ago

Keep those cherry blossom and rainbow outfit pictures coming

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Transphobes accuse Charlize Theron of ‘abuse’ for supporting trans child

25 minutes ago

But there is also a lot of support for Charlize Theron and her seven-year-old trans daughter

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Moonlight coming to US Netflix in May

25 minutes ago

The Oscar-winning film hits the streaming service on 21 May

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Tips for coming out

26 minutes ago

I've seen many posts here and on other subs asking for advice about coming out, and here are some...

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I Dont know what to do. Help me if you can.

26 minutes ago

I am a 15 year old boy. But i feel like im in a wrong body and i feel more like a girl inside. I d...

For Australians.

26 minutes ago

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Kyanna Simone’s Coming Out Story

26 minutes ago

The post Kyanna Simone’s Coming Out Story appeared first on Unite UK.

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Pete Buttigieg on ‘Hate Hoax’ Claims by Richard Grenell: ‘I’m Not a Master Fisherman, But I Know Bai...

26 minutes ago

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was asked about remarks by gay U.S. ambassador Richard Grenell...

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White House Orders Official Who Granted Questionable Security Clearances to Defy Subpoena and Not Sh...

26 minutes ago

Carl Kline, a former White House official who granted questionable security clearances to Jared Kus...

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Ryan Murphy, Matt Bomer, Billy Eichner and More Gay Hollywood A-Listers Plan L.A. Fundraiser for Pet...

26 minutes ago

The gay Hollywood A-List are planning a star-studded fundraiser for Mayor Pete Buttigieg in June, a...

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