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Opinion – 24 April 2019

29 minutes ago

Janet Fife Surviving Church Discerning: Evil and Good “Janet Fife writes on 25 years of women’s ordi...

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Bishop Olmsted: Stand up for the family and defeat modern heresies

29 minutes ago

The bishop told the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast to go 'all-in' in defense of marriage

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White House Chief of Staff: Catholic principles are driving our policies

29 minutes ago

Mick Mulvaney said Trump was personally committed to protecting the unborn

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Pilgrimage is good for employees, study concludes

29 minutes ago

Employees benefit from emotional retreats, says academic

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If Hitler had his way he would have exterminated Christians too

29 minutes ago

Hitler's hatred for Christianity came from the same place as his hatred of Judaism - materialism

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Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/04/19

3 hours ago

A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

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‘On the Road Together’ 2019

15 hours ago

Green Christian welcomes you to our two events in 2019: Sat 15 June: Shrewsbury Green Christian on...

Bill and Sally were quiet heroes

17 hours ago

BILL and Sally were good neighbours. Not just the kind who put the bins out while you were away and...

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Lyra McKee’s murderers are oppressors, says Bishop Good

19 hours ago

IRISH bishops have joined political and civic leaders in denouncing the murder of the journalist Lyr...

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Sri Lanka: mass funerals begin for victims of Easter Day bombings

19 hours ago

MASS funerals have begun for the hundreds of people who were killed in a series of targeted attacks...

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Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka church and hotel bombings

19 hours ago

The Islamic State has claimed that it was behind the horrific suicide bombings of churches and luxur...

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Duncan on the Camino: Day 27

19 hours ago

Ferrereiros to Airexe de Legonde (26km) The climate is going crazy! Yesterday, there was a record hi...

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Call for prayers after Rachel Held Evans is placed in medically induced coma

21 hours ago

Progressive Christian writer Rachel Held Evans has been placed in a medically induced coma following...

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Cardinal criticises Sri Lanka government for failing to protect Christians

21 hours ago

'These deaths could have been avoided. Why this was not prevented?' Cardinal Ranjith said

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After years of religious nationalism, Sri Lanka's Christian minority faces a new threat

22 hours ago

Bomb blasts are not the style of Buddhist nationalist extremists.

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Bishop defends controversial relationships and sex education lessons

22 hours ago

The Church of England's lead bishop on education has defended the Government's new relationships and...

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Western Christians should learn from the Sri Lanka martyrs

22 hours ago

What have we sacrificed for the faith lately? What have we suffered for the suffering God?

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Christians killed during child's dedication party in Nigeria on Palm Sunday

1 day ago

Over a dozen Christians, including children, were slaughtered by Fulani militants following an infan...

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A history of medieval cathedrals and how they were rebuilt after fire

1 day ago

Many great churches and cathedrals have suffered catastrophic fires over their long histories and me...

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Westerners more likely to say religion is less important now than 20 years ago

1 day ago

People in north America, Europe and Australia are more likely to believe that religion plays a dimin...

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