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Sunshine, Birdsong and a Mindful Exercise

1 day ago

The sun has been out in all it's glory here in the UK, which means that we've taken out the garde...

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Top 10 FREE Easter Crochet Patterns

3 days ago

Happy Easter everyone! We know you’ll probably be busy eating chocolate and watching films, but if...

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Crochet Now 41

3 days ago

Crochet Now 41 in shops now! The sun is finally shining for more than a few days at a time, so it o...

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FREE Easter Bunny Egg Cosy Crochet Pattern

4 days ago

Top and tail your morning eggs with a cute of bunny rabbit egg cosy, designed by Sara Huntington. C...

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Episode 70 and a three-year anniversary

4 days ago

That sounds rather more momentous that this episode actually is! But I hope you enjoy it: Episode 7...

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LGC Knitting & Crochet Magazine | Rainbow Chameleon and Lulu Lobster

4 days ago

Ooo it’s very exciting! LGC Knitting & Crochet Magazine Issue 110 is on sale now and my Rainbow...

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Bonjour and Au Revoir

4 days ago

Bonjour! I wanted to pop in to the Attic very briefly before I head off on my travels. It's been a c...

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The waffle blanket

4 days ago

This year I have discovered a new love! If you too like texture  and want to make the thickest...

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Unicorn Pencil Case

4 days ago

 I can’t be the only one that goes to a yarn shop to buy some yarn, when completely different yarn...

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Moomin over you – amigurumi toy

5 days ago

Tove Jansson’s adorable Moomin comes to amigurumi! With his simple shape and cuddly dad bod, Moomin...

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Raffia Bunny Baskets - Free Crochet Tutorial

5 days ago

Raffia Bunny Baskets - Free Crochet Tutorial When I was contacted by the lovely people at Creative...

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FREE Easter Bunny Bunting Crochet Pattern

5 days ago

Festoon your walls for the Easter season with bright bunting by Louise Smith. Click here for the FR...

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6 days ago

ORIGINAL SPINNING TOP PATTERN WITH PICTURES 2019 rerun :  US Terms,  UK Terms in brackets For the...

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Hardanger Blanket coming along....

6 days ago

The Hardanger Moroccan Blanket is well on its way to completion, very, very pleased with this one....

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Polka Dot Hexie Blanket

6 days ago

I've been a fan of Michele at Cypress Textile's work for years! I had been wanting to make this bla...

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Rico Design | Heartbreakers Booklet Review

6 days ago

Spring is here at last! It certainly feels that way here in the UK doesn’t it?!  There’s a lovely fr...

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Insights from my sock making journey

6 days ago

This blog post accompanies the YouTube video below in which I talk through the insights I’ve gained...

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Easy Potato Print Scandi Playtent Tutorial

1 week ago

Potato print Scandi playtent tutorial Ahh the mighty potato, father of chips, crisps, vodka and ......

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Corrections for Simply Crochet issue 83

1 week ago

We have corrections for the following patterns: Amigurumi Moomin, Pg 33. the following rows in the...

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Crochet Subscription Kits - HappyBerry Mystery Crochet Boxes

1 week ago

Last year's HappyBerry hampers were so much fun to design and put together with all my crochet pat...

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