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Mr Non-Monogamous, Part 10 – Parallel Universe

2 days ago

A few days after her last date with non-monogamous Charlie, Lucy goes for a drink with her mate Ph...

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Why It Is Okay To Argue With The Person You Date

2 days ago

Lots of people fear arguing with their crush. After all, arguments can quickly turn nasty, and if it...

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How To Define The “Awkward Phase” Of Dating

3 days ago

Dating is a lot of fun. Depending on how you do it (with everyone approaching it differently, of co...

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7 Tools To Transition A Conversation

4 days ago

You can find the original article at Connect with us Google+ 7 T...

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UK Blog Awards Dating Winner 2019 | Never Settle

4 days ago

So Friday 12th I won the UK Blog Awards Best Dating Blogger 2019, and honestly I can’t quite belie...

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Managing your Dating Expectations

5 days ago

For mature, over 50 daters, the rise of online dating has meant a total revolution in our love live...

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6 Ways You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Take Control On Dates

5 days ago

The other day, my friend sent me one of those Instagram tv things (not a post, but also not a story...

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Letting go of the old to embrace the new

6 days ago

Easter is a time of hope, renewal and new beginnings so how can we bring that fresh energy into our...

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Hanx: Condoms For Men, Made For Women | Review

6 days ago

Knocking my fav, LELO’s Hex, off the top of the charts… Hanx condoms are officially the best condo...

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The Pushy Guy, Part 2 – Aggression

1 week ago

Lucy has a second date with Cain, the Kenyan guy she met on Hinge, but she’s really not sure about...

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Do you need to stop being the CHILD in the relationship and become your ADULT self?

1 week ago

Do you want to stay in a relationship for longer and have more fulfilment? Are you needing a kick to...

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Staying Safe As A Single Online

1 week ago

Have you seen Dirty John on Netflix? Ever watched Catfish the MTV show? Scary right? Well, meet Sama...

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5 Reasons Your Next Date’s The Off-West End Great Gatsby Party

1 week ago

Ever since Leo DiCaprio stood in a slick tuxedo, raising a martini glass to green fireworks in Baz...

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Research Reveals 58% Of UK Adults Have Never Had A STI Test

1 week ago

Um… can I just repeat this: 58% OF UK ADULTS HAVE NEVER HAD AN STI TEST. Really?? This can’t be tr...

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Come As You Are x Caterina

1 week ago

Come As You Are x Caterina Welcome to our new interview series, Come As You Are, where we shine a s...

Study Abroad – Dating In Denmark: Experience And Advice

1 week ago

This year, I am studying in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a year. I normally study at Leeds, which is a...

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5 reasons self-worth matters

1 week ago

It might not be something that jumps to mind when you’re dating. But have you considered your sense...

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The Pushy Guy, Part 1 – Discomfort

2 weeks ago

It’s a Saturday, and Lucy has a spontaneous date with a man who is not Charlie. For the past three...

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Best Dating Blogs in the World – MediaHustle Winner

2 weeks ago

BEST DATING BLOGS IN THE WORLD I’m delighted to say that I’ve been included in the best dating blogs...

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The Vaults: An Inexhaustible Source Of Alternative Experiences!

2 weeks ago

We’ve all been there. It’s Thursday, the weekend is coming and we still have no idea what to do wit...

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