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Dealing With Post Easter Cravings

48 minutes ago

The four day Easter weekend is to be fully enjoyed, but can often leave you on the back foot when y...

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The true absurdity of the ‘junk food’ advertising ban, revealed

3 hours ago

A little known fact about Transport for London’s ban on ‘junk food’ advertising is that a company do...

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Tofu wraps with satay sauce

5 hours ago

This is such a brilliant recipe for lunch boxes – full of flavour and veggies! You could also try se...

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Recipe Of The Week – Cherry & Rocket Salad

15 hours ago

This salad makes a quick and easy lunch. The addition of goats cheese adds a touch of creamy luxury...

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Mend It If You Can!

15 hours ago

The movement to ‘Mend It If You Can’ is a prime example of those small acts multiplied by millions...

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Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon Race Recap

15 hours ago

Shorts or leggings? I asked for help deciding on my race outfit on race day morning, unsure of wha...

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Nickel in oats — and contact dermatitis

15 hours ago

It was a while ago now, but not long after I wrote a post called Are Oats Good for Eczema? a reader...

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Exploring the vegan takeover

17 hours ago

The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the UK. According to surveys,...

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Rosacea Awareness Month at talkhealth

19 hours ago

Did you know it’s Rosacea Awareness Month?  This month is an excellent opportunity to improve the e...

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Vocare secures £13.5m contract to provide urgent treatment services

19 hours ago

Vocare has secured a new contract worth around £13.5 million to provide an urgent treatment centre a...

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Why We Dismiss ‘Breast Implant Illness’ At Our Peril

21 hours ago

Breast Implant Illness, or BII, is so far little known in the UK but has exploded in the US in rece...

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Healthcare at Home posts £13m profit

21 hours ago

Healthcare at Home, a clinical provider of out-of-hospital healthcare, has posted a healthy increase...

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Owner of the Priory Group tests market for a £1bn sale

22 hours ago

Acadia Healthcare the US-listed owner of the Priory Group is considering a £1 billion sale of the in...

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Bombs and Boobs

22 hours ago

Hi, my name is Adam and I feel excited when I hear that we are going to David Lloyd Clubs. We ask al...

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Vocare secures £13.5m to provide urgent treatment services

1 day ago

Vocare has secured a new contract worth around £13.5 million to provide an urgent treatment centre a...

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Institutional investors pile into Octopus Healthcare

1 day ago

UK healthcare real estate investor Octopus Healthcare has raised £58.8 million from new and existing...

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Running a Marathon doesn’t make you a “Proper” runner

1 day ago

I’ve never felt like I completely belonged to the running world. I know this is not unique to me, p...

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Energising Bliss Balls

1 day ago

Oh my I love blissballs. I’ve made various versions of them and also buy the bounceballs when out a...

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How to evaluate your fitness levels at home

1 day ago

How can you tell if your hours in the gym are making a difference?  Do you track your race finishing...

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Belated Wishes

1 day ago

Belated wishes to my little blog. Another year has come and passed. April the 17th 2019 saw Caron C...

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