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Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

1 day ago

A quick lick of paint really is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to give your home a...

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Eat Your Greens: Jan Constantine vegetable collection

1 day ago

The Jan Constantine vegetable collection is newly launched on the market and is brimming with brigh...

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The Great Indoors podcast S3 Episode 2 – Show notes

2 days ago

Hello and welcome to the 2nd episode in the third series of The Great Indoors Podcast and a big fat...

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How To Decorate, The Rules of Rug and Interview with Trinny Woodall: Podcast Notes

2 days ago

This week on The Great Indoors Sophie and I discuss how to plan the decor, everything you need to k...

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Our Trip To Milan With DFS To See Salone Del Mobile

2 days ago

The post Our Trip To Milan With DFS To See Salone Del Mobile appeared first on Topology Interiors.

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In Review: Interior Industry & Design Events May 2019

2 days ago

Following another successful Design Week in Milan which never fails to leave visitors short of fres...

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen: How To Make Your Cooking Space Greener

2 days ago

In today’s modern age of ethical and environmental awareness, it is fair to say that more and more...

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Project Of The Week – Shanghai Tower Meeting Centre and B2 Public Underground

2 days ago

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features a sky-high commercial pr...

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Statement Ceiling Lights for All Budgets

3 days ago

I always say that if you are stuck with a central ceiling pendant buy the biggest and most beautifu...

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Postal vs Courier Services: Advice when sending a Package

3 days ago

When it comes to sending things, the standard and familiar postal service come to mind. Of course,...

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The 24 Hour Kitchen with Samsung

3 days ago

Last week I made a lightning trip to Milan at the invitation of Samsung to see – not just some of t...

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Putting down roots: interview with Alice Gbelia of Ayok’a Deco

3 days ago

In the latest installment of our interview series, Sara Walker talks to Alice Gbelia from Ayok’a De...

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Benefits of Having a Composite Front Door

3 days ago

It is four years since our composite front door was fitted, so I thought I would do a quick update...

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Budget Kitchen Makeover – the plan

3 days ago

Over at my house we’re in the midst of planning for an extension, bu...

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The Easiest Cars to Maintain (Whilst Retaining Value)

4 days ago

Cars can be fickle things. While you can easily bag a great deal from a quality carstore, there’s a...

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Taking innovative design to new levels at the Lexus Design Awards

4 days ago

The Lexus Design Awards are a prestigious opportunity for designers to showcase innovative, fresh t...

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New Shop Discovery: Houseof.Com

4 days ago

It seems apt that after posting about the forthcoming trends as seen at Milan last week, I find a n...

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My Top 6 Picks from Lifestyle Store Brissi

5 days ago

We’re all guilty of a bit of virtual website shopping on a Sunday afternoon aren’t we? It’s one of...

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How to Make Your Garden Look Tidier

5 days ago

If you’re passionate about all things planting, landscaping and cultivation, then your garden will...

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Monday Inspiration: Milan Salone 2019

5 days ago

Every year the interior design world gathers in Milan for the international trade show which takes...

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