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Insurdata receives $3 million in funding to support development

13 minutes ago

Insurtech company Insurdata has secured $3 million in funding. Venture capital firms Anthemis and M...

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Law Professors Go Twitter Crazy On Mueller Report

8 hours ago have been following law profs now the Mueller Reports has been published in a vaguely reada...

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Trademark Spat Between Afro-Punk Festivals It’s Brooklyn vs San Antonio

8 hours ago

                Here at LIPS we might sound like crusty old punks but in our day we’d support one a...

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Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Issues Federal Lawsuit Alleging TM Infringement To Property Owner Usin...

8 hours ago

Normally we only report on things we think fairly frivolous but our foot or shall we say lip is fir...

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Ubbi v Ubbi: Why you should update your will

8 hours ago

It has been said that getting a divorce is up there as one of the most stressful things most of us...

What if: David and Victoria Beckham got divorced?

8 hours ago

So, are the Beckhams divorcing? Rumour and speculation have been rife in the media suggesting this...

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Too much or just enough? Ex-wife awarded £125K monthly on divorce

8 hours ago

After rumours surrounding his extra-marital affairs with another woman surfaced, Robert Herjavec an...

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Russian oligarch ordered to pay £2.68billion to his ex-wife

8 hours ago

A Russian oligarch has been ordered by a Swiss court to pay his ex-wife £2.68 billion. Dmitry Rybol...

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US and EU Release Preliminary Tariff Lists Amid WTO Aircraft Subsidies Disputes

14 hours ago

As a tactic in the ongoing civilian aircraft subsidies dispute between the US and the EU at the Worl...

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Why is Brexit important for personal taxation matters?

22 hours ago

Personal taxation in the UK is linked to where a person lives and works, and where a person lives...

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Expedited settlement of commercial disputes : The Commission’s Response

22 hours ago

A Legislative initiative procedure which started nearly a year ago, is coming now to the next level:...

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Gone fishing

1 day ago

I know I should have done a newsrund today but I have decided to take Easter off.  The sun is shini...

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Inzura partners with dash cam maker to develop integrated telematics

1 day ago

UK insurtech company Inzura and MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation are partnering to deliver an i...

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China: Former Supreme Court President Xiao Yang Dies

1 day ago

An exhaustive obituary from Weixin   that will at some point disappear into the ether as he falls o...

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The White Book Is Wrong Says, Chancellor of the High Court

1 day ago

The Law Society Gazette reports….The chancellor of the High Court has made clear all existing cases...

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Trade Union In UK Woos Legal Sector Workers

1 day ago

A trade union specialising in representing the lowest paid and most marginalised workers has opened...

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Buddle: The New Way To Do Law Says

1 day ago

Smaller, faster, more efficient and how to use technology to run your practice. Cannabis Practice s...

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Hein New Title; Their Editor’s Pick Up The Month Food and Drug Law: Federal Regulation of Drugs, Bio...

1 day ago

It’s a bit of a mouthful of a title…. Food and Drug Law: Federal Regulation of Drugs, Biologics, Me...

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Research Assistant, Adelaide Law School

1 day ago

The Faculty of the Professions is one of five faculties at the University of Adelaide. It is compri...

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Everybody Else Has Published It We Might As Well Too. The Mueller Report

1 day ago

U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Thursday released a redacted version of Robert Mueller’s near...

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