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Whaling or a woman?

1 hour ago

I’m not sure why a protest against Japan’s plans to resume commercial whaling should be such a Conse...

SHUTTER HUB TALKS: Amsterdam Photo Club / Paper Fetish Amsterdam 09/10 May 2019

6 hours ago

Join us in Amsterdam for one or two events, where Shutter Hub Creative Director, Karen Harvey, will...

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Is Instagram right for you?

22 hours ago

How do you find Instagram? Do you find it beneficial to your photography? Do you find new business...

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Gannets, Fulmars and a first holiday in Cornwall for 30 years!

1 day ago

As a child growing up in Kent, Cornwall was a coastal paradise. We used to holiday there twice a yea...

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Marzieh Hashemi arrest protest

1 day ago

The USA decided to move its London embassy a few years ago, and probably a major factor in the decis...

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BOOK REVIEW: Ex-Voto by Alys Tomlinson (GOST Books)

1 day ago

Ex-Voto is the culmination of a five-year photographic journey to Catholic pilgrimage sites in Ball...

Tomlinson |

Summer wedding at Killearn Village Hall

1 day ago

Killearn Village Hall is a lovely light venue, half an hour from Glasgow. It was the perfect settin...

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A Thousand Words

1 day ago

We may be visual artists, but surely, we cannot deny the power of words. Indeed, photographers who...

Arms Dealers feast while Yemen starves

2 days ago

I didn’t much enjoy taking pictures outside the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in London’s Mayfa...

Feast | Arms | Yemen | dealers |

PODO - a brief intro and exhibition!

2 days ago

I spent a long, hot, tiring, sweaty, ill-themed and emotionally draining 8 days travelling across S...

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Issue 181 PDF

2 days ago

Click here to download issue 181 (high quality, 110Mb) Click here to download issue 181 (smaller do...

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Ian and Tom Catthorpe Manor Wedding

2 days ago

What an incredible day we had with Ian and Tom on a scorching (well almost) February day at Catthorp...

manor | Ian | Wedding | Tom |

CALL FOR ENTRIES: TIME TO THINK – Shutter Hub Exhibition at Festival Pil’ours, France

2 days ago

In 2018 we were invited to take an exhibition to Festival Pil’ours, Festival international de photo...

festival | hub | entries | exhibition | PIL | France | shutter |

London solidarity with Russian anti-fascists

3 days ago

While some of my anarchist friends are always happy to be photographed, others fear being identified...

Russian | Fascists | solidarity | London |

Extreme Scotland by Nadir Khan

3 days ago

Nadir Khan, who you can read about in this issues Featured Photographer, specialises in photographi...

Extreme | Scotland | Khan |

Why We All Lack Confidence Sometimes – And How To Work On Yours

3 days ago

The post Why We All Lack Confidence Sometimes – And How To Work On Yours appeared first on Sophie Ca...

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Pete & Becky’s Wedding at Gorcott Hall

3 days ago

I loved working with Pete and Becky. Like me they’re cub scout leaders, so they’re used to planning...

Hall | Wedding | Pete | Becky |

February 2019 – My Favourite Photograph of the Month

3 days ago

In February I worked with the beautiful Sharon Bowler to create a new business portrait for her Bus...

favourite | Photograph |

Photographing Shirley Pearce from Understanding Dementia UK

3 days ago

This week I photographed the lovely Shirley Pearce from Understanding Dementia UK…I have been admir...

Shirley | photographing | Pearce | Understanding | UK | dementia |

Photo-Shoot with Edwin from Latin Brothers

4 days ago

I love creating professional portraits for dance instructors and performers… Each and every session...

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