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Coaching benefitted many areas of his life

1 week ago

Over the past few months I have been working with a young man coaching him through various emotiona...

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Romantic Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

1 week ago

Are you looking for a funny nickname for your boyfriend? Are you tired of classical nicknames like...

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Give your Sex Life Some Colour with a Satisfyer

1 week ago

Give your Sex Life Some Colour With the launch of Satisfyer Vibes – a fun and colourful range of t...

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Both Of Us Have Cheated, Is It Worth Continuing The Relationship? | Ask Eve

1 week ago

Hi Eve, I cheated on my boyfriend of four years and we are trying to reconcile. I then found out t...

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Managing time.

2 weeks ago

On March 31st our clocks went forward one hour meaning we lost one hour’s sleep. On 27th October the...

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Taking responsibility is key to your future

2 weeks ago

When your marriage (or relationship) is in crisis it can feel almost impossible not to blame your p...

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Understanding Changes in Sexual Frequency

2 weeks ago

Many couples we see at Coupleworks come into therapy feeling as though there is something fundamenta...

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Maternal Mental Health Affect On Offspring’s Romantic Relationships

2 weeks ago

There is perhaps no greater human bond than that between a parent and their child. At the same time...

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Research: Happiness Decline In Girls Aged 7-21

2 weeks ago

I was both shocked and unsurprised when I read the press release from Girlguiding UK last week whic...

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Eye Contact – Regaining Our Human Connection

2 weeks ago

We have an innate ability to read body language, it’s how we keep ourselves safe from dangerous peo...

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Positive Relationships Boost Mental Well-Being

2 weeks ago

Life. Sometimes it feels light, bouncy and fun, other times it can feel heavy, fatiguing and overwh...

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Anger In Marital Conflict Linked To Later Cardiovascular Health

2 weeks ago

Arguing a lot? Think your conflict style doesn’t matter much beyond the point being argued about? T...

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How Goals Affect Our Performance And Achievement

2 weeks ago

How Goals Affect Us It’s that time of year when it seems everyone is talking about goals and resolu...

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5 Helpful Thinking Strategies That Quell Anxiety

2 weeks ago

When you realise you’re suffering from a bout of anxiety it can take you completely by surprise. On...

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11 Tips For Using Social Media In A Healthier Way (Video)

2 weeks ago

Social media can be challenging and research highlights the effects it is having on our mental heal...

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Dancing to Relieve Anxiety

2 weeks ago

Ashley Banjo’s new Channel 4 show, Flirty Dancing, instantly piqued my attention because (a) I help...

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Romantic Break-Up: Costs And Coping Strategies

2 weeks ago

In their research paper looking at the costs and coping strategies of romantic break-ups, Perilous...

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How To Fix Your Relationship – And When To Stop Trying (Video)

2 weeks ago

Watch this BBC video (below) to learn more from myself and researcher Jan Ewing about ‘How to fix y...

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Why did they cheat?

2 weeks ago

@affair_clinic quoted in this @almaraabgarian article for @MetroUK in our continuing quest to highl...

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“I knew he was having an affair..”

2 weeks ago

The media present the discovery of an affair in a very dramatic and explosive way.  It is, however,...

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