News from Retirement

By: lorrainefort

4 hours ago

and the contentment with "it's not enough to make the difference" and "I don't have my someone with...

By: anita

4 hours ago

Hooray for conscience...and Mr. Shakespeare! Nicely done!

Anita |

By: Judee

4 hours ago

I was suprised at the end, but this was such a true representation of the thoughts that would flash...

By: Judie

4 hours ago

I agree with Judee on this one. Excellent writing, Julia.

By: Mrs Skinner

4 hours ago

Many thanks!

Skinner |

By: Ames

4 hours ago

I think my mind would go through the "I wonder who lost all this money?" first before I started plan...

By: Sue Anderson

4 hours ago

I like her choice. And the truth behind it. Money cannot buy happiness. =)

Anderson | sue |

By: Jenny Matlock

4 hours ago

Awww, so wonderful seeing you here. When I see your name linked, my heart always smiles! This was...

Jenny |

By: 100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #142 | How the Cookie Crumbles

8 hours ago

[…] checkout: […]

Challenge | cookie | Word |

By: The Ghost House (100wcgu week#142) | bring your words to life

8 hours ago

[…] […]

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By: To A Child’s Mind | Myas - A Tragic Lady But No TB

8 hours ago

[…] […]

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By: #100WCGU #142 – breakfast | speciallyteaching

8 hours ago

[…] week the prompt for 100 word challenge was ‘do you have to make that […]

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By: 90maz

8 hours ago too late for the linky again. sorry

Just When It Was All Going So Well

16 hours ago

2019 has seen us enjoying a charmed life - it started with those wonderful three weeks  in Bequia a...


23 hours ago

 Such delicacy! Such beauty! You never stay long, Always on the go Have you a plan Or is it just to...

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Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home!

23 hours ago

Do you get close to creatures? You know- talk to them, worry about them? I don’t mean dogs and cats...

Fly |

Saver buys top-ups that ‘count towards’ but DON’T improve his state pension

1 day ago

Peter Brand, pictured, fell foul of the confusing state pension top-ups system - he was left nearly...

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1 day ago

After Jenny’s grumpy mood last week, I had hoped she would be more gracious this week for Saturday...

Acceptance |

Oeufs Al Fresco!

1 day ago

Well Jenny has certainly CRACKED! After a few weeks of limiting the word despite this being a 100 w...

fresco |

Weather Forecast!

1 day ago

Jenny has come over all generous this week and given us a the chance to use the prompt AND 50 addit...

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