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Salomon - Agile 6 Set

22 minutes ago

For days when you want to go for a longer run, ride, or hike, reach for the AGILE 6 SET. Specifical...

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Salomon - S/Lab Sense Tank Mens

22 minutes ago

Wrap your body in air. This minimalist top is so light and fluid, it's like a breeze flowing over yo...

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Salomon - Comet Breeze Tee Womens

22 minutes ago

With an opaque front and a super-breathable mesh back panel, the COMET BREEZE TEE works equally well...

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Salomon - XA Short Womens

22 minutes ago

The women's XA SHORT lets you carry essentials on the trail without a pack. Its waistbelt is a stret...

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Salomon - XA Tee Womens

22 minutes ago

Light and breathable enough for intense running or training, the XA TEE for women looks great too. I...

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Salomon - XA Tank Womens

22 minutes ago

The women's XA TANK is a superlight, race inspired running top that feels great and breathes very we...

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Salomon - Sense Tee Mens

22 minutes ago

The SENSE 37.5 TEE is made for running, with a light, breathable 37.5 fabric that fights odor and dr...

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Hale 5

14 hours ago

Quite a few results because of parkrun tourism but closer to home Michelle set a new club record at...

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London 2019 – This Time It’s Personal

16 hours ago

Pre(R)amble My fellow revolutionaries – it’s half past midnight and sleep is not coming easily – and...

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Ten ways to improve your sleep to stay focused

1 day ago

Sleep is essential to good mental health. You probably already know that when you sleep well you fe...

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Is chocolate good for runners?

1 day ago

What are the health benefits and risks of eating chocolate for runners? Is dark or light chocolate...

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Garmin Forerunner 45 Specs – What MIGHT Be In It – SPECULATION

1 day ago

The new Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS running watch is very likely to be a cut-down 245 that slightly bu...

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Feet first! Foot care for marathon runners

1 day ago

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Consultant Podiatrist at the College of Podiatry and lead podiatrist for the V...

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The Aborted Blogging Diary

2 days ago

Mon 14th April 2019 When I started this in 2013 it was just a bit of a training diary. It morphed in...

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Ultramarathon training – it begins (sort of)

2 days ago

I’m conscious that most of my running-related posts have been reports on various races I’ve particip...

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Garmin Instinct Specification & Fenix 5 Comparison

2 days ago

Here are the new and detailed Garmin Instinct Specifications and a Garmin Fenix 5 vs. Garmin Instin...

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The Avon International London Marathon, a first-hand account

2 days ago

On 3rd August 1980, 200 women from 27 countries lined up in Battersea Park in London to run a marath...

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Garmin Instinct Specification & Fenix 5 Comparion

2 days ago

Here are the new and detailed Garmin Instinct Specifications and a Garmin Fenix 5 vs. Garmin Instin...

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Polar Global H10 gets ANT+ compatability

2 days ago

Polar have now added and made available Garmin’s ANT+ compatibility to their top-end H10 heart rate...

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The Ciderthon 2019 & Discount Code

2 days ago

If I didn’t have a knee injury, I’d definitely be taking part in the second running – apologies for...

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