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99% Of US Farmed Animals Live On Factory Farms, Study Says

28 minutes ago

While 75 percent of US adults believe they usually buy 'humane products', only one percent of farmed...

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Christmas Vegan Rocky Road

28 minutes ago

Give simple vegan rocky road a wonderful Christmas twist with the addition of a little extra flavou...

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How to throw a vegan beer + brats party (with printables!)

18 hours ago

Longtime friends of mine will know that I get a real kick out of organising parties and cooking for...

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Vegan Engineer Predicts 'UK Will Be Vegan By 2030'

20 hours ago

The researcher suggests animal agriculture will 'financially collapse' when the UK has a vegan popul...

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Raw Mocha Slice

22 hours ago

Makes 1 5x10x3″ tray Ingredients For Crust 210g (1 ½ cups) raw almonds 340g (1 ½ cups) pitted dates...

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Superfood Zucchini Bread

22 hours ago

Warm up the oven ‘cos this superbread will have you bakin’ up a storm. Using zucchini as a nutritio...

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Vegan Russell Brand Features On Hunter Joe Rogan's Podcast

22 hours ago

'My morality and my spirituality are for me. It's not something I go around inflicting on other peop...

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Slightly Different Foods

22 hours ago

Slightly Different Foods came into existence, after founder Sonia was diagnosed with IBS and found...

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Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse

1 day ago

We’re obsessed with “healthy” desserts like chocolate avocado mousse. These mousses are easy to whi...

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Mocha Brownies

1 day ago

Makes 8-10 slices Ingredients 2 eggs (substitute for vegan options like banana, flaxseed or egg rep...

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Reebok Turns Its Corn And Cotton Sneakers Vegan

1 day ago

The sportswear brand has been described as being 'at the forefront of a vegan revolution'

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Barmbrack Recipe – Irish Tea Loaf

1 day ago

Have you ever had barmbrack before? It’s delicious and very easy to make. Barmbrack is quite a heav...

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Queen Guitarist Brian May Praises Veganism On Instagram

1 day ago

The celebrity musician shared pictures of his vegan shoes that has made his conscience feel 'so much...

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Guinness Invests £16 Million In Plans To Ditch Plastic Packaging

1 day ago

The company expects the chance to reduce its plastic use by over 400 tonnes each year

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Vegan Camp Out Labeled 'A Training Ground For Extremists' By Pro-Farming Organization

2 days ago

The annual vegan festival has been described as having an 'aggressive anti-farming agenda'

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Barn Sanctuary Launches Plant-Based Meal Planner

2 days ago

The online subscription-based service creates personalized, weekly plant-based meal plans

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Jonathan Pie: 'The Government Is Hardwired To Protect Animal Farming Corporations'

2 days ago

The controversial comedian has slammed the government for sugarcoating the reality of the global cli...

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Construction Manager Reverses T2 Diabetes - And Opens Vegan Restaurant

3 days ago

The patient was able to transform his health after following a plant-based diet called the NFI proto...

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Rabbits Have Eyelids Sewn Shut And Are Infected With Cholera In 'Secret University Experiments'

3 days ago

Almost 10,000 rabbits were used in experiments within Britain during 2017 according to the latest da...

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Vegan Climate Activist Makes TIMES' Influential People Of 2019 List

3 days ago

The prolific teenage campaigner is said to be 'inspiring steadfast students and shaming apathetic ad...

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