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1 day ago

British Asparagus it is in the shops and on the market stalls, in my opinion it is one of the most...

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yoga for runners

1 day ago

We’ll let you in on a secret. Yoga and running are the perfect match. triyoga teacher Laura Gate Ea...

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yoga for mental health

1 day ago

Amanda Wright came to yoga two years after suffering serious injuries from a motorbike accident. Sl...

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Take Ten: a 10 Minute Meditation for Calm Especially For You

2 days ago

Find a moment of calm with Yogamatters. We know how busy you are. There’s not enough time to get th...

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Mantras to Worship the Sun and the Moon Everyday

2 days ago

The sun and moon have long been worshipped throughout all cultures, and even in the physical aspect...

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Easter Sunshine

2 days ago

The sun is out, the temperature is rising and Easter is on the way.  A wonderful time of year to sp...

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Change is hard

3 days ago

My boss in the office often tells me that change is hard. My yoga teacher tells me the same. Change...

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Five Simple Solutions To Relieve Stress Quickly

3 days ago

Everyone knows that too much stress isn’t good for you! In today’s blog, we’ll look at five simple...

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treatments to alleviate stress, part 2: craniosacral therapy

4 days ago

For part two our three-part series on treatments to alleviate stress, we speak with triyoga therapi...

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triyoga talks episode 20: Cyndi Lee on mindfulness, meditation + yoga beyond asana

4 days ago

Subscribe: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher Cyndi Lee was raised on the idyllic Puget Sound where she gr...

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Yogamatters does DOGA

4 days ago

Yoga and dogs; these are a few of our favourite things! Mahny Djahanguiri has been teaching DOGA yo...

Plastic free shopping in Surrey

5 days ago

Eco shops in Surrey are starting to spring up. I visited the new ‘Fetch’em from the cupboard’ in As...

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Sun Salutation Variations on the Mat

6 days ago

In many modern yoga classes, the word vinyasa has become synonymous with a series of postures found...

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Your Life is in the Balance

1 week ago

Your Life is in the BalanceI mentioned in class recently, an article I read in the Times newspaper :...

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Covered in Koshas

1 week ago

Dear Yogis I was back at Amaravati Monastery for a weekend retreat last Friday... a silent retreat!...

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Meaning Behind the Mudra: Bhu Mudra – The Mother Earth Mudra

1 week ago

Bhu Mudra or the Mother Earth Mudra helps the practitioner cultivate the energy of earth, and an aw...

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Falafel Mezze Bowl

1 week ago

I love a Buddha bowls and whilst eating out recently I had such a gorgeous falafel mezze bowl for l...

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Tara Judelle on embodiment

1 week ago

Ahead of her five-day immersion and weekend of workshops in Camden in May 2019, Tara Judelle shares...

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Yogamatters Office Running Club

1 week ago

The Yogamatters Office Running Club started out with just our buying manager, Michelle, doing her r...

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Yoga for Runners: 10 Tips to Relieve and Restore

1 week ago

We know all about the runners’ high, but long distances can be hard on your muscles and joints, so...

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