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carry on: What Andrew Bolton Can’t Travel Without

1 hour ago

The curator oversees the fashion exhibits that influence the annual Met Gala. He often travels inter...

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Nonfiction: A Young Poet, a Mysterious Stranger and an El Salvador on the Brink of War

1 hour ago

Carolyn Forché’s “What You Have Heard Is True” recalls her 1970s journey in the company of a revolut...

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Nonfiction: ‘When Brooklyn Was Queer’ Evokes the Borough’s Hidden History

1 hour ago

Hugh Ryan’s new account delves into colorful characters who frequented the area around the Brooklyn...

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The Week in Arts: ‘Gentleman Jack,’ Bad Bunny and a Musical About Psychoanalysis

3 hours ago

“Lady in the Dark,” a Weill-Gershwin-Hart theatrical collaboration from 1941, is revived at City Cen...

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Amy Schumer, Ali Wong and the Rise of Pregnant Stand-Up

16 hours ago

Doing stand-up while pregnant used to be frowned upon. Today you can spot babies on the way on comed...

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Review: A Composer’s Redacted Music and Raucous Noise

16 hours ago

Two of David T. Little’s politically charged instrumental works were the halves of a Composer Portra...

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The Playlist: Madonna Dreams Up Her Next Era, and 11 More New Songs

16 hours ago

Hear tracks by Mavis Staples, Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash, Wynton Marsalis and others.

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Pole Dancing Without Nudity or G-Strings. Just Express Yourself

18 hours ago

The curious hybrid of art, sport, exotic dance and fitness craze has developed a mainstream followin...

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A Word With: John Cho on Heritage, Hashtags and Hollywood’s Surprises

20 hours ago

He talks about taking the lead — this spring, in a documentary and “The Twilight Zone” — and whether...

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For 15 Hours, He’s in Charge of Wagner’s ‘Ring’

1 day ago

The conductor Philippe Jordan, 44, is relatively little known in the United States, but he’s at the...

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#SpeakingInDance: In Ratmansky, Going Wild and Free

1 day ago

How does this solo in Mr. Ratmansky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” feel? “It’s like you’re chasing yo...

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Review: ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Brings Him Back to Life

1 day ago

Terry Gilliam’s long-deferred tribute to Cervantes’s knight errant finally arrives, starring Jonatha...

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The Secrets of a Sacred Underground

1 day ago

A candlelight catacombs tour of the crypt at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan reveals the ch...

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Daniel Kramer Quits at English National Opera

2 days ago

The company’s artistic director resigned, just two weeks after he announced his second season.

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Critic’s Pick: Cage the Elephant Returns, Suspended Between Rowdiness and Regret

2 days ago

On the Kentucky band’s fifth studio album, the fragility of love collides with the personality warp...

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Show Us Your Wall: An Empire of Bamboo in the Home of Collectors

2 days ago

Diane and Arthur Abbey have around Japanese 300 baskets, a selection of which coexist peacefully wit...

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A Godfather of Country-Rap on His 2000s Hits and Lil Nas X

3 days ago

The producer and executive Shannon Houchins talks about shifting direction with Bubba Sparxxx, break...

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A History of Country-Rap in 29 Songs

3 days ago

Lil Nas X’s viral sensation “Old Town Road” is the latest addition to a hybrid-genre tradition that...

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Ballet’s Biggest Matchmakers (Student, Meet Scholarship)

3 days ago

The Youth America Grand Prix is a competition in which the real prizes are scholarships. For those,...

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Newsbook: What Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Books Should You Read First?

3 days ago

Here are reviews of the 15 winners and finalists for the awards.

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