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Books of The Times: With Sensuality and Coolness, a Debut Novel Considers the (Partial) Truths We Te...

14 hours ago

The narrator of Aysegul Savas’s “Walking on the Ceiling” writes from present-day Istanbul, rememberi...

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Book a stay at one of these literary Airbnb homes

16 hours ago

Celebrate World Book Day on Tuesday, April 23, by booking a literary getaway at one of these book-in...

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Poetry: In ‘Swift,’ David Baker’s Poetry Stitches the Fractured World Into Art

16 hours ago

For almost 40 years, in the extreme suburbs and the diminishing countryside, Baker has worked to see...

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New & Noteworthy, From Walt Whitman and More

22 hours ago

A selection of recent poetry books (plus Whitman’s ruminations); and a peek at what our colleagues a...

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5 Things About Your Book: An Undocumented Woman Struggles to Root Her Family in New York City

2 days ago

Melissa Rivero’s debut novel, “The Affairs of the Falcóns,” features a family that, like hers did, e...

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Nonfiction: A Former Marine Looks Back on Her Life in a Male-Dominated Military

3 days ago

Anuradha Bhagwati’s forceful memoir, “Unbecoming,” tackles sexual harassment, discrimination and the...

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Nonfiction: That Man From Stratford

3 days ago

“What Blest Genius?,” by Andrew McConnell Stott, and “Shakespeare’s Library,” by Stuart Kells, explo...

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Books of The Times: The Mueller Report: A Thorny, Patriotic Addition to a Curious American Bookshelf

3 days ago

Much of what’s in the report is already known, but our book critic says it still has “the power to s...

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Podcast Review: Michael Lewis Enters the Podcasting Game With ‘Against the Rules’

4 days ago

Lewis’s seven-part series examines our relationship to authority and to regulation — our mistrust of...

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Fiction: Stories That Explore Africa’s Resilient Spirit

4 days ago

The Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s “Minutes of Glory” tackles the absurdities, injustices and for...

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The Book Review Podcast: Robert Caro on How He Does It

4 days ago

The acclaimed biographer of Lyndon Johnson and Robert Moses talks about his new book, “Working: Rese...

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What They Left Behind: Legacies of the Recently Departed

4 days ago

Some gems from the life’s work of people remembered in obituaries in The New York Times.

From Our Archives: Revisiting Lyndon B. Johnson and the 1948 Senate Elections

4 days ago

Published in 1990, the second volume of Robert A. Caro’s biography of Johnson investigates the inten...

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Fiction: A Suspicious Death Exposes Painful Fissures in a Mojave Desert Town

4 days ago

In “The Other Americans,” a powerful new novel by Laila Lalami, a diverse group of citizens are forc...

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New in Paperback: ‘Warlight,’ ‘Air Traffic’

4 days ago

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

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Children’s Books: Books That Expand the Possibilities of Boyhood

4 days ago

What does it mean to be a boy now? New nonfiction books show the varied thoughts and experiences of...

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Inside the List: ‘That’s When I Acknowledged What Had Been Simmering Inside Me for Years: Anger’

4 days ago

The U.S. soccer legend Abby Wambach wants to help other women overcome institutionalized discriminat...

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Fiction: G. Willow Wilson Reimagines the Last Days of Moorish Spain

5 days ago

In her new novel, “The Bird King,” history is infused with fantasy, drama and puckish humor.

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Fiction: Revising the History of Chicago in a Sweeping Debut Novel

5 days ago

Jonathan Carr’s “Make Me a City” reconstructs an alternate history of Chicago in fictional source ma...

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Nonfiction: A Queer, Biracial Coming-of-Age Memoir Is Equal Parts Pain and Pleasure

5 days ago

T Kira Madden’s debut, “Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls,” recalls a troubled childhood in ch...

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