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Apple iOS 12: Cheat sheet

4 hours ago

With iOS 12, Apple adds security features, performance enhancements, ARKit 2, and more. Here's what...

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Small business owners: Don't rush into using AI

4 hours ago

An artificial intelligence strategist advises small business owners to focus on revenue and growth a...

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Vendor risk management: What to consider when shopping for a VRM solution

4 hours ago

A vendor risk management program could curtail Third-Party Vendor-initiated data breaches. Here's wh...

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35 books every techie should read

6 hours ago

This reading list features books about Elon Musk, female entrepreneurs and technologists, VR, AI, th...

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How to search open tabs in Firefox

14 hours ago

By making use of Firefox's new tab search feature, you no longer have to worry about getting lost in...

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AI ethics governance: 7 key factors to consider

14 hours ago

Tech companies that create AI systems might encounter ethical challenges. When you're forming an AI...

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Photos: 35 books every techie should read

14 hours ago

This reading list features books about Elon Musk, female entrepreneurs and technologists, VR, AI, th...

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How to choose the right help desk ticket management system

16 hours ago

Help desk ticket solutions offer many benefits to businesses, including centralization and accountab...

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How businesses plan to protect themselves against cyberattacks

18 hours ago

Many organizations will spend more to shore up their defenses against cyberattacks this year, says b...

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Weaponization of vulnerabilities in Adobe products more than doubled in 2018

20 hours ago

Using free Adobe software like Flash Player and Adobe Reader can pose a security risk in your organi...

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What digital transformation actually means for an organization

20 hours ago

Digital transformation is more than just an industry buzzword. Here's what it means for businesses.

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Zero stars: 57% of employees won't apply to a company with negative online reviews

20 hours ago

Technology has changed the hiring and onboarding process, according to a report from Randstad and Fu...

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Why collaboration platforms create major security risks for organizations

20 hours ago

Employees are increasingly comfortable sharing confidential information across business chat tools,...

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Open source may be the future, but very few are writing it

1 day ago

Contributing to open source gives developers and companies big advantages, but that’s not translatin...

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How to create a live USB drive with persistent storage in Ubuntu

1 day ago

Having a version of desktop Linux on a USB drive isn't of much use unless you can store files to it....

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Top 5 ways to get more women in your workforce

1 day ago

Creating a more diverse workforce can have many benefits for tech companies. Tom Merritt shares five...

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How to find and kill zombie processes on your Linux data center servers

1 day ago

Zombied processes can indicate a problem with a piece of software. Jack Wallen shows you how to find...

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How to flash a Linux ISO image to USB with Popsicle

1 day ago

Creating a bootable Linux USB flash drive isn't a challenge with the help of Popsicle.

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The five best Linux desktop distributions

1 day ago

Jack Wallen lays out his top five desktop distributions, each of which would be a great choice to se...

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How to update the nmap database

1 day ago

Your nmap service probe database is probably out of date. It's easy to update that special file to t...

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