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What is prescriptive analytics, and why does your business need it?

1 day ago

It is not enough to simply gather data and model it anymore--you need to use it to create the best p...

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​How STEM may help you win next year's March Madness office pool

1 week ago

​The STEM field can yield advantages in calculating March Madness brackets and engage with math and...

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​Survey: How to win with prescriptive analytics

1 week ago

​Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us about your company's plans for prescriptive ana...

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How to install the Tuleap application lifecycle management system on CentOS 7

1 month ago

Software lifecycle management doesn't have to be a nightmare. With the help of the Tuleap system, yo...

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Seagate preparing dual-actuator hard drive for data centers: Will it work?

1 month ago

As traditional platter drives become more dense, performance has decreased. Seagate plans to release...

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What does Linux have to do with containers? Everything

1 month ago

Containers are revolutionizing application and service development. We can thank the Linux ecosystem...

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How to monitor events on your Linux data center servers with auditd

1 month ago

With the help of auditd you can monitor events on your Linux servers even easier.

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How to save a search filter in Rundeck

1 month ago

Rundeck offers many features, like search filters, to make a systems administrator's job significant...

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6 critical factors to consider when deploying containers

1 month ago

​Containers require an array of necessities in order to work properly. Focus on these six.

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Storage testing evolving from hardware to software

1 month ago

Storage testing used to involve expensive hardware reserved for mega-companies, but now software met...

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How to install the Ajenti Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04

1 month ago

Make your data center servers easier to manage, without spending a penny on software with the Ajenti...

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How to install Cachet status page system on Ubuntu Server 18.04

1 month ago

Keep clients and users apprised of server downtime with the Cachet status page system.

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​4 reasons why your company should consider in-memory big data processing

1 month ago

In-memory big data processing may provide the solution to enterprises seeking faster data insights.

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Data scientists' wages decline for the first time since 2016

1 month ago

A recent report shows a 1.4% decline in pay for data scientists. Karen Roby talks with a Glassdoor a...

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Unintended inferences: The biggest threat to data privacy and cybersecurity

1 month ago

Find out why data privacy breaches and scandals (think Facebook, Marriott, and Yahoo), artificial in...

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Medterra uses digital marketing and data analysis for its CBD retail sales

1 month ago

Medterra CBD is a Kentucky-based CBD retailer and processor that is on the forefront of the fast-gro...

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Mozilla's Iodide tool helps data scientists write interactive reports

1 month ago

The experimental data science tool is meant to help professionals create interactive documents using...

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No luck hiring a data scientist? Write a better job description

1 month ago

Companies often look for unicorn data science job candidates who are near impossible to find. Here's...

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Top 5 data recovery tips

1 month ago

Losing data can be a scary experience. Tom Merritt offers five helpful tips for creating a data reco...

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Big data adoption exploding, but companies struggle to extract meaningful information

1 month ago

If your organization is having trouble getting value from its data you aren't alone, and big data fi...

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