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Larry Hopkins, member of armed civilian border group, arrested on weapons charges

1 hour ago

LAS CRUCES, N.M. — A New Mexico man who is a member of an armed civilian group that has detained mi...

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LETTERS TO EDITOR: Take off blinders, Democrats

14 hours ago

The Democratic Party is the proverbial donkey with blinders on. It has done nothing in the two year...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Real traitors go unnamed

14 hours ago

Significantly missing from the Mueller report is the conclusion that the Clinton campaign, the U.S....

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EDITORIAL: We can honor Earth and mourn our dying species by picking up the trash

14 hours ago

This isn't your father's Earth Day. The celebration of all things "green" turns 49 on Monday, and it...

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BOOK REVIEW: 'Funny Man: Mel Brooks' by Patrick McGilligan

14 hours ago

FUNNY MAN: MEL BROOKS By Patrick McGilligan Harper, $40, 624 pages Sometimes history hangs by a thr...

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Inflamed nationalistic lobbies do not advance peace in the Caucasus

14 hours ago

The war in Nagorno-Karabakh does not only occur in the South Caucasus. It also plays out in the Unit...

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Why the immigration system must move away from family immigrants and more toward skill and merit

14 hours ago

Of all America's immigrant visa programs, arguably the most successful for the U.S. economy has been...

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Why America must deal with South America's terrorist safe-havens now

14 hours ago

American foreign policy is, lamentably, a tad reactionary. And that's no one's fault, really. It is...

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Co-opting Jesus Christ for unholy purposes

14 hours ago

At Easter, the question is often raised: Who is Jesus? As C.S. Lewis wrote, the Gospels leave no gr...

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The original 'trans-community' is the story of Easter

14 hours ago

Trans-gendered. Trans-abled. Trans-species. Trans-identity. It is hard to spend more than five minu...

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The Fed is in worse shape than the economy as post-crisis expansion reaches a decade

22 hours ago

At the decade mark for the economic expansion, the Fed's capitulation to President Trump on interest...

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Pete Buttigieg, just another climate alarmist extraordinaire

2 days ago

Mayor Pete, as Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential hopeful from the city of South Bend, Ind...

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James Clapper, 'least untruthful' tool of left, sees impeachment in Mueller report

2 days ago

James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, took to national CNN airwaves to insist th...

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Democrats everywhere blame America for the world's environmental excesses

3 days ago

California's commitment to being the official clown car of the Democratic Party continues apace. Th...

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Mueller's big revelation: 'You're fired' works better on reality TV than in real White House

3 days ago

For President Trump's enemies, the salient and exploitable feature of special counsel Robert Muelle...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Preach outside the choir

3 days ago

At this particular moment I do not prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders as the choice of the Democrats for pre...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Gender irrelevant

3 days ago

Hillary Clinton still does not get it, and maybe she never will ("Hillary Clinton: Nancy Pelosi is...

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EDITORIAL: 2020 election lies ahead, but Democrats can't give up the coup

3 days ago

Like a dog returning to its vomit, the Democrats just can't leave bad enough alone. There's a new e...

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BOOK REVIEW: 'White Elephant' by Julie Langsdorf

3 days ago

WHITE ELEPHANT By Julie Langsdorf Ecco, $26.99, 309 pages Although this is a Washington novel — its...

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Restoring Notre Dame

3 days ago

Tragedy has befallen Notre Dame de Paris this week, but we can be confident that the 13th-century Go...

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