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Deadly storm knocks out power in U.S. South, threatens east coast

14 hours ago

Severe storms that killed three people in the U.S. South moved eastward on Friday, causing widesprea...

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Eni, Fincantieri, Terna and CDP team up to build wave power stations

20 hours ago

Italian oil group Eni is joining forces with shipbuilder Fincantieri, power grid group Terna and sta...

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China to promote using wind energy to power heating

1 day ago

China on Friday said it would promote using energy generated by the wind to help power heating syste...

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Second wave of twisters in U.S. South turns deadly as storm pushes east

1 day ago

A second wave of tornadoes and thunderstorms to hit the U.S. South and Midwest this week turned dead...

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Climate-change protesters say they will target London's Heathrow Airport

1 day ago

The Extinction Rebellion group of climate change campaigners said it planned to hold a protest at Lo...

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Out of a drawer and into your nightmares comes a vicious ancient beast

1 day ago

When Ohio University integrative biologist Nancy Stevens peered into a drawer in the wooden cabinets...

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South Carolina aims to bar offshore drilling with budget proposal

2 days ago

South Carolina's Republican-majority Senate is poised to advance a measure this week that would requ...

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Green economy good news for copper producers: Antofagasta chairman

2 days ago

The global fight against climate change will boost demand for copper, a key metal used in the produc...

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Four injured after lightning hits Acropolis Hill area in Athens

2 days ago

Four people were injured after lightning struck the Acropolis Hill area in Athens on Wednesday, an a...

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Butterflies swarm Lebanon's meadows in numbers unseen for 100 years

2 days ago

A vast number of migrating butterflies have swarmed across Lebanon this year after heavy winter rain...

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Preaching to the converted: Swedish teen climate activist gets pope's blessing

2 days ago

Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg brought her campaign to the Vatican on Wednesday and m...

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Iran closes oil wells in flood-hit Khuzestan province, output drops

2 days ago

Iran has shut around a dozen oil wells in its oil-rich southwestern Khuzestan province because of ma...

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Second wave of tornadoes, thunderstorms to pummel the U.S. South and Midwest

2 days ago

Tornadoes and thunderstorms will hit the U.S. South and Midwest for a second time this week, startin...

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Power play: pumped hydro eyes path through Australia's climate wars

3 days ago

At an abandoned gold mine in Australia's outback, plans are being laid for a large-scale renewable e...

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Colombia's Ecopetrol says working to contain spills from pipeline attacks

3 days ago

Colombia's state-run oil company Ecopetrol said on Tuesday it is working to contain two oil spills f...

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China soil pollution efforts stymied by local governments: Greenpeace

3 days ago

China's efforts to combat dangerous soil pollution are being stymied by local governments and their...

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Tornadoes, thunderstorms to pummel U.S. again this week

3 days ago

A second wave of tornadoes and thunderstorms in less than a week is forecast to hit states in the U....

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States say half of wetlands would lose protection under EPA proposal

3 days ago

Fourteen states, including New York and California, and the District of Columbia said the Environmen...

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Kenyan food, water scarcity will worsen as rains fail: Met Department

3 days ago

Kenya is likely to suffer from worsening food shortages and water scarcity as the rainy season fails...

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Ohio legislators to hear bill to save nuclear power plants

3 days ago

A House of Representatives subcommittee in Ohio will hear a clean energy bill on Wednesday designed...

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