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Microsoft's Power Platform and the 'Triple-A Loop'

38 minutes ago

Power BI, Power Apps and Flow get a low-code/no-code integration and automation layer.

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Why wireless ISPs are still necessary in the age of 5G

17 hours ago

5G networks require more base stations than previous LTE networks, making deployment in suburban and...

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Five best word processors for Android

21 hours ago

If you need a word process for your Android device, Jack Wallen says you cannot go wrong with one of...

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Still using Java 8? Red Hat will provide long-term maintenance and support for OpenJDK 8 and 11

21 hours ago

Oracle stopped providing free security updates to the widely-used Java 8 in January. Here's how to s...

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How Minespider uses blockchain to ensure an ethical supply chain

3 days ago

Blockchain may be the solution to a supply chain problem first identified almost 30 years ago.

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How to access and organize files faster in G Suite using Priority and Workspaces

3 days ago

Google Drive Priority suggests a short list of files you might find useful, while Workspaces lets yo...

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How to troubleshoot Apple Mail connectivity issues with Connection Doctor

3 days ago

If you're not sure where to start the troubleshooting process for Apple Mail connectivity issues, Ja...

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How to add a Google Drive shortcut to the Android home screen

3 days ago

Jack Wallen shows you how to create Android home screen shortcuts for Google Drive folders, to make...

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Why iPhones are still outselling Androids

3 days ago

iPhone outsold Samsung, LG, and Motorola in the US during Q1 of 2019, according to CIRP.

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How AI could save the environment

3 days ago

Artificial intelligence techniques are now used to monitor endangered species, track diseases, and o...

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How to turn off battery throttling on your iPhone

4 days ago

Worried that Apple is throttling your device without your permission? Find out how to check and disa...

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5 ways Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 can automate your workday

4 days ago

Siri Shortcuts add a layer of functionality to Apple's digital assistant, and it could be a huge boo...

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COBOL, C, C++ all due for updates in early 2020s

4 days ago

The stalwart programming languages that run the world's most-used systems are due for new revisions...

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How helium shortages will impact quantum computer research

4 days ago

As researchers and the medical industry brace for helium shortages this summer, James Sanders explor...

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OWC's Aura Pro X2 offers faster speeds and higher capacities for your Mac

5 days ago

OWC's newest aftermarket SSDs have increased capacities and speeds, while lowering the operating tem...

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Digital transformation critical for business survival, 4 out of 5 IT pros say

5 days ago

Migration to the cloud and IT security are among the top digital transformation investments, accordi...

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AMD's Ryzen Embedded R1000 series SoC brings Zen performance to low-power market

5 days ago

AMD's newest embedded SoC competes with Arm-based systems for digital signage, microconsole, and oth...

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5 best alternative web browsers for Android

6 days ago

Looking for an alternative for the default Android web browser? Look no farther than one of these fi...

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Photos: The 20 greenest data centers in the world

6 days ago

Which data centers do the best job at being carbon neutral, and how are they doing it? Find out in t...

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Yes, even you can fly the Icon A5 Aircraft

6 days ago

Check out the design technology behind Icon's A5 aircraft.

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