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Swole just one of over 600 words added to Merriam-Webster dictionary

3 hours ago

BOSTON — Get swole, prepare a bug-out bag, grab a go-cup and maybe you’ll have a better chance of su...

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These ‘health food’ labels are actually misleading crap

8 hours ago

Don’t let the buzzwords fool you — these so-called “health foods” are total BS. From “uncured” meat...

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NYC’s sober bar scene is a ‘hip’ oasis for booze-free fun

10 hours ago

Pour one out for the boozy bar scene! Sober nightlife is taking off in New York City, from posh mock...

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How new parents can ask for help without being jerks

10 hours ago

Philadelphia couple Jim and Alex Burns recently went viral for an eyebrow-raising crowdsourcing requ...

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In the Wilds of New Zealand, Fashion Takes on Added Poetry

10 hours ago

Rebecca Leigh Longendyke models poetic style against the majestic landscape of New Zealand’s South I...

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What Do We See When Our Eyes Are Closed?

10 hours ago

A professor of ophthalmology explains those moving specks of light, geometric shapes, flashes and co...

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'Henry Moore: The Helmet Heads' and 'Henry Moore Drawings: The Art of Seeing' Reviews: The Crucible...

10 hours ago

Two shows in the U.K. look at how the multitalented artist’s career was shaped by war and his work a...

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Inside the Beltway: Democrats now fixate on conspiracy, not collusion

10 hours ago

A sizable number of Democrats will not let go of the Mueller report, hoping to reconfigure it as a n...

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Study finds video games more harmful to girls’ social skills than boys

12 hours ago

Video gaming does not harm social development in boys — but girls who play struggle to make friends,...

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One in five US kids don’t drink water on any given day

12 hours ago

Kids, teens and young adults who don’t drink water end up guzzling almost 100 extra calories a day f...

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The top worries of American small business owners

12 hours ago

Small business owners spend 17 full days a year worrying about their business outside of work, accor...

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Myanmar court rejects final appeal of jailed reporters

14 hours ago

NAYPYITAW, Myanmar — Myanmar’s Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the final appeal of two Reuters jou...

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Will a Ukrainian comedian be any match for Vladimir Putin?

14 hours ago

KIEV, Ukraine — Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election has thrus...

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Living on the wrong side of a time zone can damage your health

14 hours ago

Sleep. It’s the one thing of which everyone wants more, but consistently fails to get enough. Though...

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Girl suffers horrific burns after candle lit sofa on fire

14 hours ago

A 6-year-old Indiana girl suffered horrific burns and was forced to have her fingers and toes amputa...

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Lawmakers send ‘triggered’ abortion ban to Tennessee governor

14 hours ago

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A proposal that would effectively outlaw most abortions in Tennessee if the US Su...

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Hail Cesar! Why Billy McNeill is all-time great of British football

14 hours ago

Sky News journalist and Celtic season ticket holder Andrew McFadyen explains why Billy McNeill, whos...

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Modern Love: Tiny Love Stories: ‘I. Was. So. Over. It.’

14 hours ago

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

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The EDIT: Living in the Age of Political Memes

14 hours ago

Tensions across parties and borders are high. Should we laugh about it?

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Jenna Bush Hager's mom Laura Bush has beautiful response to pregnancy guilt and infertility

16 hours ago

Jenna Bush Hager is expecting her third child, and said she felt guilty knowing other women "want th...

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