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Barr's Mueller report rollout was disgraceful. I can't believe it but I miss Jeff...

1 hour ago

Barr's reputation is as battered as Trump's. Sessions at least had one redeeming feature: He tried t...

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What would Republicans do with a Mueller report? Build an impeachment case.

2 hours ago

The Trump administration is driving us toward a constitutional showdown that threatens the very chec...

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‘Obstruction’ is just ‘Collusion 2.0’ — and other commentary

6 hours ago

Political scribe: ‘Obstruction’ Is Actually ‘Collusion 2.0’ “Obstruction of justice is the new, even...

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Why Bob Kraft’s ordeal should alarm us all

6 hours ago

It’s hard to care when a billionaire suffers abuse at the hands of our justice system. But the case...

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Hey, Macron: Don’t you dare modernize Notre Dame!

6 hours ago

Can Notre Dame cathedral be destroyed twice — the first time by fire, the second by architects? And...

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Everyone’s got a ‘special reason’ not to pay congestion-pricing tolls

6 hours ago

Congestion pricing is the law of the land. Come 2021, everyone will pay a fee to drive below 60th St...

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Sleaze at NYC Ferry just adds to Team de Blasio’s never-ending scandals

8 hours ago

Having trouble keeping up with all Mayor de Blasio’s new scandals? Here’s one you might have missed:...

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How Democrats misled the nation about Trump’s tax cuts

8 hours ago

Say this for Democrats: They can be very effective — at least, when it comes to misleading Americans...

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Freedom of Information Act wasn't created to shine a light on private parties

10 hours ago

Store-level SNAP sales data will not illuminate government’s activities, writes Leslie Sarasin, pres...

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Will the Supreme Court help hide where food stamp money goes?

10 hours ago

Behind Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media is the Freedom of Information Act, a 1967 law...

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Trump's 'victory' lap: Today's Toon

14 hours ago

Want to keep up with USA TODAY's editorial cartoons? Bookmark this page. We'll update it frequently....

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Requiem for a Childhood Friend

14 hours ago

Bobby Lowenthal died in 1964 at 11. His brother saw my byline and tracked me down.

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Jamie Dimon's Timely Warning

14 hours ago

A CEO finally speaks up to tell the truth about the shared misery of socialism.

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Socialism vs. 'the Person'

14 hours ago

Catholic Venezuela would do well to rediscover a central idea of the faith.

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Anti-Semitism at NYU

14 hours ago

Why did the university award a hateful group?

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Why Should Congress See Trump's Tax Returns?

14 hours ago

Congressional-committee disclosure goes back almost a century and was never so politicized before.

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Jailing CEOs to Please the Masses

14 hours ago

Warren’s proposal would overturn hundreds of years of U.S. legal tradition.

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The Case for Monetary Regime Change

14 hours ago

Central bankers aren’t omniscient. A linked-currency system could improve economic growth.

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Ukraine's Presidential Gamble

14 hours ago

The besieged country takes a flyer and elects a comedian.

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A Massacre of Christians

14 hours ago

Terror bombings kill hundreds on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

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