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The Latest: Sri Lanka Muslim groups denounce attackers

1 hour ago

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - The Latest on the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka (all times local): 12:55 p....

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Ambassador: US had no prior knowledge of Sri Lanka threat

1 hour ago

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - The U.S. had no prior knowledge of the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that...

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NY Air National Guard unit starts annual Greenland mission

1 hour ago

SCOTIA, N.Y. (AP) - A New York Air National Guard unit has begun its annual mission to support scie...

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US had ‘no prior knowledge’ of Sri Lanka threat: Ambassador

1 hour ago

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — The U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka says America had “no prior knowledge” of the E...

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Saudi Arabia plans to keep oil output within levels of OPEC cuts, energy minister says

1 hour ago

Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister said Wednesday that the kingdom's crude production would remain withi...

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Oil falls from six-month high on signs market not as tight as feared

1 hour ago

Oil prices fell on Wednesday after a report allayed concerns about tightening supply, ending a rally...

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Key moments in Kim Jong Un's diplomatic charm offensive

3 hours ago

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's summit with Russian President Vladimir...

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More than 350 now dead in Sri Lanka Easter attacks

3 hours ago

The number of lives lost in Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday terror attacks rose to 359, authorities said e...

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Court rules that chalking parked car tires violates Fourth Amendment

3 hours ago

DETROIT — Marking tires to enforce parking rules is like entering property without a search warrant,...

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This high school’s dress code is taking aim at parents

3 hours ago

HOUSTON — A Houston high school principal has implemented a dress code for parents because she says...

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Sri Lankan suicide bomber studied in UK and Australia, officials say

3 hours ago

One of the suicide bombers who carried out the deadly Easter attacks in Sri Lanka studied in the UK...

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Cops searching for man who hurled bricks at dozens of city WiFi kiosks

3 hours ago

An unhinged man went on week-long brick-throwing spree in Manhattan, targeting dozens of WiFi kiosks...

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Canned air goes on sale to commemorate end of Japanese emperor’s rule

5 hours ago

Sealed tin cans that contain “the air of an outgoing era” have gone on sale in Japan as the country’...

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Luke Walton accuser Kelli Tennant: ‘I thought he was going to rape me’

5 hours ago

A former sports reporter who accused Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton of sexually assaulting her i...

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EPA head Andrew Wheeler never disclosed chemical lobbying job: congressman

5 hours ago

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency failed to disclose lobbying work he did for a compan...

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United Constitutional Patriots forced to shutter border camp

6 hours ago

SUNLAND PARK, N.M. — An armed group that has been patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border left its post i...

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Trump demands New York Times apologize for Russia probe coverage

6 hours ago

President Trump demanded Tuesday that The New York Times beg for his forgiveness for its coverage of...

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New book reveals truth behind this famed Fall of Saigon photo

6 hours ago

It’s one of the iconic images of the Vietnam War. Hubert van Es’ snapshot shows a military helicopte...

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Feds detail ex-pharma CEO’s shady ‘drug deals’

6 hours ago

The former CEO of a major pharmaceutical distributor was hauled into court in handcuffs Tuesday — an...

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Skydiver reunited with prosthetic leg he lost at 10,000 feet

6 hours ago

A thrill-seeker was reunited with the prosthetic leg he lost while skydiving 10,000 feet in the air,...

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